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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally: Good Cholesterol Foods
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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally: Good Cholesterol Foods

We are seeing a big increase in health problems such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease in our society. A diet high in saturated fats and highly processed foods, combined with a more sedentary lifestyle is putting more and more people at risk of high cholesterol and blood pressure problems and early heart attack.

When cholesterol levels are elevated, the fat builds up inside the walls of the blood vessels. Over time this reduces the blood flow and can even cause a blockage. That is when heart attacks and strokes can occur.

Usually the first line of treatment when someone is diagnosed with high cholesterol is medication. But many people would like the opportunity to try and lower their cholesterol naturally, with diet and exercise. It is possible, but you need to understand the right foods to eat and how to cook them.

Foods that are helpful for reducing cholesterol are usually low in saturated fats and high in fiber. The diet is focused on large quantities of vegetables, fruit and nuts, wholegrains and smaller amounts of meat and dairy. This may be very different to what you have been used to! But making the change is worth it.

Good cholesterol foods include:

Vegetables. All vegetables provide fiber, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients. They help to move the food through the digestive system quickly and to nourish the body. Green vegetables are some of the most nutrient packed foods you can find. Eat a big salad each day and try and have green vegetables with your evening meal.

Oats.Oats have been shown to lower cholesterol quickly when used in a low fat diet. Oats prevent the body from absorbing as much cholesterol from the foods you eat. They block the entrance of the cholesterol into the body. Oats have a high soluble fiber content . Eating an oat breakfast made from unprocessed oats will help to reduce your cholesterol levels. You can also make oat bars, cookies and muesli. But make sure not to use a high fat, high sugar recipe. These are a good replacement for snacks.

Unprocessed Grains. Processing grains removes the fiber and that is what you need more of in your diet. Choose wholegrain breads and cereals. Eat brown rice instead of white rice. This will keep you feeling more satisfied and keep your blood sugar level more stable. That helps to reduce carbohydrate cravings, often the cause of overeating.

Beans & Legumes. Start adding beans and legumes to your diet to help lower your cholesterol. They are high in fiber and make a great meat replacement. Meat has a lot of saturated fat, but beans only have fat if you add it during cooking. Beans a great food to cook ahead and there are many great vegetarian recipes to try. Begin by replacing 1 -2 meals a week till get used to eating them. They are very good cholesterol lowering food.

Seeds and Nuts. Unsalted, unflavored nuts and seeds, particularly almonds are helpful in a cholesterol diet menu. 10 almonds a day is a good number to include in your diet. Don't eat too many nuts and seeds as they are very high in fiber and also high in calories. But nuts and seeds contain good fats that help to balance out the good and bad cholesterol in your blood. Sprinkle them on your breakfast cereal, or add them to a low fat yoghurt.

When planning your a low cholesterol food plan it's very important to understand what foods to include and what to avoid. Avoiding bad cholesterol foods will immediately reduce the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream.Choose the right foods, cook them in the right way and you will soon see results. The weight will begin to come off and you will start to have more energy. It is possible for most people to lower cholesterol with the right knowledge and the right attitude.

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