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Acid Reflux, What It Is And What Can Be Done About It
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What is Acid Reflux?

This condition, also known as GERD or GORD, is caused by stomach acid escaping from the stomach and passing up the tube that connects the stomach with the mouth. When you swallow, food passes down the tube known as the esophagus and into the stomach. At the end of the esophagus, is a flap that prevents food and acid escaping from the stomach and passing back up toward the mouth. Unfortunately, for sufferers of acid reflux, this is what happens to them and can result in very painful heartburn.

Things you can do to lessen the effect of acid reflux

First of all, try eating smaller meals more often. We all tend to eat our normal three meals a day, but this can lead to an over production of stomach acid. This is made worse if we eat a particularly large meal and we end up suffering for it. By making each meal much smaller in terms of the quantity of food, and by having more frequent small meals, we put less strain on our digestive system and consequently we produce less stomach acid. Sufferers also experience the condition at night. Some relief can be found by sleeping with the head raised with an extra pillow or two and also try avoiding having anything to eat about two hours before going to bed.

Changes to your diet can reduce the severity of acid reflux. Foods to avoid, or reduce, include fruits and fruit juices that are acidic. Typically, lemons, limes and oranges are considered to be quite acidic. Avoid highly spiced foods such as curries or anything with chillies. Fatty foods are to be avoided; these include cheese, full fat milk as well as burgers and fries. Other foods include chocolate, tea, coffee and peppermint.

Some studies have shown that sleeping on the left hand side helps to reduce the occurrence of night time acid reflux.

We all know the harmful effects of smoking, but cigarettes also make the condition worse.


There are a number of medicines that can be prescribed for this condition. One group are known as “proton pump inhibitors”. They work by preventing the body from producing acid at the source. It is the proton pump that produces the acid that causes the discomfort. Various antacids are also available and are usually taken before a meal or when the first signs of an attack become apparent. There are also other drugs that are used for the treatment of acid reflux and a sufferer may have to try several alternatives before finding a drug that will help with their complaint.

It is worth noting that drugs used to treat this condition are among the most prescribed medicines in the western world. Given that obesity levels are high in the western world and that our diet has become one where a large amount of saturated fats are consumed, it may be worthwhile looking at other cultures and taking on board some of their lifestyle choices. It may well be to our advantage to change our diets and to exercise more frequently. Above all, there are enormous health benefits to be gained by losing a few extra pounds. Other types of medical treatments such as herbal remedies may be the way forward in treating acid reflux.

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