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Wall Air Conditioner And 3 Other Tips To Beat The Summer Heat
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Wall Air Conditioner And 3 Other Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

It can be very torturing to have no wall air conditioner in your room during the summer night. The hot weather can make you feel so uncomfortable due to the heat and the perspiration of your body. You may experience sleepless nights and your day job can be at stake if you happen to be dozing off at times in the office.

Creating a room with lower temperature is not impossible with air conditioner. Having to install a wall air conditioner or any other split units may not be cheap but this is a long term investment where you and your family can enjoy comfortable nights even when the temperature outside the house is high. However, what are you going to do when the AC unit is switched off during the day or what if you are doing things outside your house? There must be something that we can do in order to beat the summer heat.

Summer is one of the seasons of the year and everyone knows that this hot season is unavoidable and nobody can control it. However, we can still be in control of what we can do to beat the summer heat. The following are but a few simple tips to help you cool your body efficiently.

  1. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is vital to keep our body hydrated during the time with normal temperature, so you should consume more water when the weather is hot. Ensure that you have a bottle or two of water with you when you are out so that you can replenish your body enough fluid as and when you like it.

It is always better to drink beyond thirst to ensure that your body is not depriving of water. Avoid dehydration because such condition can be very harmful to your health. Severe dehydration can even lead to death. You body needs water to function properly, thus you are going to beating the summer heat effectively by drinking plenty of water.

  1. Avoid Thick Clothing

If possible, avoid thick clothing during hot season. Think clothing which are able to retain heat are great for cold weather but they are make feel even hotter during the hot days. You will be perspiring when it is warm and the evaporation of your body sweat is going to cool down your body. Thinner and lighter clothing allows your body to release heat better.

  1. Turn On The Fan

You cannot be turning on your air conditioner 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If your AC unit overworked, you will not only have to pay a much higher electric bill, but also will be shortening its lifespan. A fan, though not a perfect alternative, can help to cool you down when the air conditioner is not in use. The fan can also circulate the air in the room so that it will not be so stuffy.

A wall air conditioner is really a necessity when it comes to hot season. However, we cannot be always depending on it because it needs to be turned off and we cannot be staying home permanently without stepping out at all. The above mentioned simple tips are but a few ways you can help to cool your body down and beat the summer heat.

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