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What makes a great historical fiction book, and how can it change your consciousness
I like stories based in our bloodiest history when they are cross-genre. I like it when a historical fiction book combines history with fantasy. A good example of this is found in a book Called Creator, by M A Hills. The detail the author has given this historical fiction book…
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Making Sense Of 'common Sense'
Earlier this year I was reading the late Christopher Hitchens book 'Hitch-22.' In this book the name 'Thomas Paine' kept coming up. I have to admit that I was unfamiliar with who Thomas Paine was. After a little Google sleuthing I discovered that Thomas Paine was one of the most…
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True History, Then And Now - Part 1
Robert Clive, this guy was a small time crook. After getting caught with his pants down he became the Hero of an Empire, apparently fighting battles against terrible odds for god, king and country. This is what get’s taught in school. The truth is that in England he was an…
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In the short period of time that measures the span of mortal existence, it is not possible for man to explore any considerable portion of the vast realm of knowledge ..be connect with us. Brigadier General Russell Bowen, in Immaculate Deception, analyzed key Nixon tapes in which he referred to…
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