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What Makes A Great Historical Fiction Book, And How Can It Change Your Consciousness
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I like stories based in our bloodiest history when they are cross-genre. I like it when a historical fiction book combines history with fantasy. A good example of this is found in a book Called Creator, by M A Hills.

The detail the author has given this historical fiction book is amazing. He has done an excellent job researching ancient Roman society. The characters, the settings, the psychology of an ancient people come alive page for page, line for line.

At the same time the author has created in this excellent historical fiction book a mythical fantasy world surrounding the main character.

The hero comes down to earth at the time of Christ, an Olympian child who has the powers of a god himself, has the greatest imagination in history, and can preform miracles, and create a paradise on earth!

I love the way the historical elements so perfectly intertwine, with rich detail, with the fantasy elements, giving an historical fiction book a whole new tapestry upon which the story comes alive. And wow, does it ever live in your mind.

This story will keep you reading with mind-bending twists and turns, and a climatic ending that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Some of the details are historical, some are made up, but it all works and flows together creating an alternate history: a historical fiction book that inspires the reader to embrace the future with an altered state of consciousness when the read is over.

Yes, this story is a passionate journey, not only through the outer world, through the banal, insane mosaic of antiquity, but through the hidden inner world as well. It touches our inner most being, and gives us the spark we need to find it in the dark. I know that critics have said that Creator is not only a great historical fiction book, combing satire, and concepts of modern quantum physics, it is also enlightening.

It has the ability to alter our consciousness, in order live in the moment, and understand that paradise is not a mythical place kept secret by the gods, but is right here, right now, all around us at every moment, we are just blind to it. Creator helps us to wake up.

Telling a story such as this, which ultimately delves into spiritual matters, is perfectly matched with the time of history it is supposed to have transpired. Ancient Rome, Jesus, barbarian emperors, gladiators, Hydras dragons, goblins, and the quantum field of expanded consciousness make for a great, yet incredibly unique historical fiction book.

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