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Gaining Weight For Hockey Players
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A lot of people want to know how to gain weight for hockey players. Gaining weight is a lot simpler than people make it out to be. Gaining weight for hockey players is often effective because it makes you more difficult to push around on the ice. Is it easier to move someone who is 130 pounds or 200 pounds.

The process of gaining weight for hockey players is actually quite simple. It comes down to two things, nutrition and off ice training:

When it comes to gaining weight, the most important factor is calories. When you consume more calories than you burn, you will begin gaining weight. So gaining weight for hockey players requires you to start consuming more calories. The calories must be from healthy foods, such as meats, nuts, cheese etc. Stay away from foods with no nutritional value such as chips and cookies. They do have calories but they are full of unhealthy fats. You will gain fat, not lean muscle.

In order to gain weight in the form of lean muscle, you need to eat more foods with a lot of calories and protein. The protein will help to rebuild your muscles from the off ice training you are doing.

Nutritious, protein and calorie dense foods that will help you gain weight as a hockey player are:

Raisins Almonds Low fat cheese Low fat yogurt Peanut Butter Trail mix Protein bars Milk Oatmeal

There are plenty of other foods that will fit in this category. Just look at the information on the back of a food container for a lot of calories, protein and little saturated or trans fat. Nuts have a lot of fat in them, but they are healthy fats that help the development of your body.

Off ice training is the second half to gaining weight for hockey players. Breaking down your muscles during workouts, then building them back bigger than before, with proper nutrition will cause you to gain weight in the form of lean muscle. This will ensure your speed and power stay the same, if not increase while you gain weight.

To break down your muscles the most, you should be doing 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps of an exercise. This puts the most strain on your muscles and causes the most microscopic tears in your muscle cells. Your healthy, protein dense diet will then rebuild these cells bigger than they were before (process called hypertrophy). As you continue to train hard, you will begin to build lean muscle and gain weight.

Focus on exercises that target muscles used most frequently on the ice: Front squat Dead lift One legged squat Bench press Should press Pushups Pullups Dips Training sled pushes Training sled pulls

In order to gain weight for hockey players, you need to train properly. In order to train properly, you need to have the proper training equipment. To focus on the proper exercises that target specific muscle groups used on the ice, you will need training sleds, barbells, dip and pullup bars and dumbbells.

You can purchase all of this equipment at great prices, so you do not have to break your bank to gain weight as a hockey player. Do not let improper or poor equipment get in the way of your weight gaining goals

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