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Make Sunday A Fun Day
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I love Twitter. I check the site frequently to read what others have posted and to see what topics are trending. On Sundays, I often see #SundayFunday listed as one of the trending topics. Since this Sunday is Father’s Day, why not spend some time with your Dad, doing something fun?

One idea, if you both enjoy “American Top 40”, is to listen to the show together. You will both get to see where your favorite songs rank on the chart, and together you will experience the excitement of learning which song is in the #1 spot. There are also other ways to spend time together, of course.

Another idea is to play board games. Perhaps you and your Dad both like Scrabble. You can set up the game, perhaps fix a cup of coffee for each of you, and then enjoy a great game. The words you make might begin some great conversations and might even bring up some happy memories.

A third idea is to watch movies together. You might consider a movie marathon of whatever kind of movie your Dad prefers. If he likes comedies, consider “Ghost Busters”, “Gremlins”, “Good Morning, Vietnam”, or “Mrs. Doubtfire”, for example. If he likes sports movies or action flicks, watch these movies instead. Alternately, you might instead prefer to enjoy some time outside with your Dad.

If you would like to spend some time outside, you might go running together. Running will help you both burn some calories, and you will be doing something that you both enjoy. You could also go for a walk. A walk will give you a chance to talk. Talk about what is going on in your life and what your hopes and dreams are. Tell your Dad how much he means to you and how glad you are to have him in your life.

Finish off the day with a great dinner, such as spaghetti, meatloaf, lasagna, or whatever your Dad likes. Sit down at the table, and have dinner together. Keep your cell phone away from the table. That way, dinner will not be interrupted by a phone call or a text message. Calls and text messages can wait. Very few calls or messages are so important that they have to be taken during a meal. Enjoy your meal, and enjoy this time with your Dad. He is special, and he deserves your time and attention.

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