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The Coolest Halloween Costumes For The Uncool
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The Coolest Halloween Costumes For the Uncool

In a way, Halloween can be even more stressful than Christmas or even Valentine's Day when it comes to choosing a costume. Whether you're attending or hosting a party, supervising children, marching in a parade, or competing in contest, you have to outdo yourself each year in terms of being clever, unique, and imaginative. What's even worse, you usually put off thinking about a costume until the last minute, causing you to feel bad when you see someone who obviously invested some time and planning into their costume.

Then there's the problem of knowing the difference between dressing as someone who's "hot" versus someone who's "cool." It's hard to go wrong dressing as someone "classic" such as Marilyn Monroe or Superman. But while Angry Birds, the Suckerpunch movie and Charlie Sheen were "hot" last Halloween, you'd be considered "out of it" if you wore them this year -- and in more ways than one.

But what if you're not cool for enough Halloween to begin with? It's normally the domain of children, teens, and zany young adults -- is there anything that the inherently uncool can do besides give out the candy or watch monster movie marathons? Yes! You can get on the Internet and hook up with an online costumer, and the sooner the better.

Why? Because online costumers have Halloween costume ideas numbering in the hundreds of thousands, ranging from what's cool to what's hot. Equally important, they've literally got something for everyone, regardless of how uncool you are. If you have an idea of how you'd like to dress, you can just type it into their inventory search engine. If you need an idea, you can search by categories such as "Movie Stars" or "Couples." And along with the coolest Halloween costumes, the costumers offer discounts on shipping, fast delivery, and generous exchange policies.

Are you uncool because you're a baby? Most of you will miss this Halloween simply because you can't walk or eat unassisted -- unfair! Online costumers have tons of outfits that are sized especially for you. Why do your parents believe that you're not yet capable of enjoying looking like a miniature elephant or a giant bee? Perhaps they're not aware of the photo/video opportunities that baby Halloween costumes can provide for future generations. (And speaking of generations, if the cost of a costume is an object, drop a hint on your godparents or grandparents.)

Are you uncool because you're pregnant or a plus size? If your size makes it difficult to try on costumes in the store if you're lucky enough to find them, you'll be happy to know that the plus size revolution has reached the online costumers. They've expanded their inventories (if you'll pardon the expression) so you should be able to order just about anything those skinny people can!

Are you uncool because you're an animal? When it comes to Halloween, you're a member of the most oppressed group of all. You're lucky if you get a sweater to wear during the winter months, but your owners are too busy fussing over their own costumes to give you a thought -- a fine way to treat man's best friend. Online costumers offer pets everything from full outfits to wigs to simple accessories that are strapped to your back (like a model of a jockey).

Yes, no matter who you are, the coolest Halloween costumes and a pleasurable Halloween holiday season can be just a few mouse clicks away.

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