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In the summer of 1955, little Alan lived with his parents, Larry and Ethel, and his two sisters, Violet and Charlotte, and a dog named Rocky. They lived in a small one bedroom cottage in a suburb called Kalihi, on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.

Little Alan was 4 at the time. His favorite pasttimes were playing marbles with his friends and catching bugs in a jar. He also enjoyed playing with Rocky. Rocky was half Cocker Spaniel and half Collie. They were inseperable.

On a hot saturday morning the family was preparing to go a party at grandpa's farm, 8 miles away in the rural town of Waialae Kahala. Back in the 50's Waialae Kahala was considered country. It was sparsely populated with mostly farmers inhabiting the area.

Grandpa's farm was actually a pig farm. Grandpa no longer had the pigs when Alan was born. A disease ran rampant through his livestock so Grandpa had to slaughter all of his pigs. Alan and his cousins loved playing in the empty barn.

On that fateful day little Alan was playing catch with his cousin Leslie in the grandpa's driveway. Alan saw the family car driving down the dusty dirt road, away from them. Little Alan could not see who was in the car. He thought the family had forgotten him and left him behind. Alan panicked, told his cousin Leslie that he had to go, and started walking down that dusty dirt road.

A short time later Alan's mom noticed Alan missing. There's a stream that ran pass the farm, down to ocean about 2 miles away. Everyone thought little Alan fell in the stream and got swept out to see. So they combed the stream and didn't find Alan. Alan's mom decided to call the police to report her son missing.

Meanwhile, Alan is a few miles away walking pass the University of Hawaii. Shortly after that he walks pass a private school called Punahou Schools ( President Barrack Obama's alma mater). A couple miles pass that he walks pass the Punchbowl Cemetary of the Pacific. This is where the astronaut Ellison Onitsuka is buried.

From Punchbowl Alan works his way down to Vineyard Boulevard, a major thoroughfare through downtown Honolulu. He stops at a construction site to get a drink of water. Further down the road he stops at a mom and pop store to ask for directions to Kalihi.

As a last resort Alan's mom calls a neighbor in Kalihi, asking him if he saw Alan wondering around there. Mr Sasaki goes around to the back of the house and finds little Alan soaking his sunburned and blistered feet in the wash tub. He tells Alan's mom that he found Alan. He gives Alan an Orange Crush to drink.

Little Alan's father comes back to get Alan and takes him back to grandpa's farm. Alan is so exhausted that he sleeps through the night.

That little boy was me.

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