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Bedtime Is Important
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Kids are sneaky, and they like to play games. They can come up with a number of tricks to stay up later, like claiming that they cannot find an item that they need for school the next day or taking their time while getting ready for bed. They need to get to bed on time, however. A regular bedtime is important, both for them and for you.

After a busy day, it can be hard to wind down in preparation to go to bed. Help your kids to wind down with a quiet activity before bed, such as a story. Tuck them into bed, and then read to them. You might choose to read a short story or a chapter in a longer book. As they listen to you read, the sound of your voice should relax them. They might even fall asleep while you are reading.

For them, getting to bed on time means that they will get the sleep that they need. They will get a full night’s sleep, and they should have no difficulty getting up for school the next morning. By being rested, they should hopefully be happy when they wake up, rather than irritable. In addition to being beneficial for kids, sticking with their bedtime schedule will also help you.

By getting them to bed on time, you will have more time for yourself. You will have time for your own activities. You can spend some time online checking out sites that you enjoy. You can call a friend or family member to see how his day went. You might also consider working on a project, or watching shows that you enjoy.

Once the kids are in bed, you can relax. Enjoy the quiet that you hear, and enjoy your free time. Do what you want to do. Do not worry that your activities will be interrupted, but expect that they could be. Houses make noises at night, and lights cast scary shadows. Strange sights and sounds can give kids bad dreams, so expect your child to come out to the living room while you are watching television to tell you that he heard a weird noise. You can then walk him back to his bedroom, check his closet and under his bed, and calmly assure him that no monsters will get him.

Then, once your child is back in bed, you can return to your favorite activities. Get back to the laughs on your favorite sitcoms, or return to your blog. Get back to what you love, and have a great evening.

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