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Christmas Gifts For A Diyer - The Dewalt 211s2 Combo Kit
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Christmas Gifts for A Diyer - The Dewalt 211s2 Combo Kit

My wife is a loving wife who wants to give me gifts I enjoy and will use. However, when it comes to tools, she does not have a clue of what I want or what to look for regarding quality. What would your husband like for Christmas? I do not know what he has in his tool box or workshop, but one joy would be the Dewalt 211s2 combo set.

Of all the tools a diyer uses, the most common are a drill and a saw. A serious user wants a cordless one that will have the power of the a one that has a cord and lasts a long time between battery charges. This allows for him to freely carry it wherever he needs to use the tool without worry of finding an outlet or using an extension cord.

The Dewalt 211S2 combo kit is powered by lithium ion batteries. Unlike NICd batteries that worked for a length of time and then slow down until they die and need recharged, lithium ion batteries provide a continual charge until the end. Also, unlike NiCd batteries, lithium ion batteries maintain a charge over long periods of unuse. If your husband is like me, he will work diligently on a project every so often and he hopes the batteries are charged and ready to go when he is ready to work.

The Dewalt 211s2 kit includes a drill and an impact driver, along with 2 batteries, a 30 minute battery charger, and a tool bag. While you are familiar with a drill which drills holes and sets screws in the holes, an impact driver is fairly new in the cordless line up of tools.

The impact driver has been around for a long time as a tool powered by an air compressor. It needs tremenduous power to work properly. That is why it has not been available until recently as a cordless tool. The 12 volt batteries are strong enough to power the impact driver for maximum use.An impact driver is a drill on steriods. While a drill simple turns a drill bit around and around on each turn, an impact drill turns and hits or impacts the drill or screw against the surface it is drilling into. This impact is produced by a great amount of pressure (torque) that the driver creates. This makes those almost impossible drilling situations, a breese to accomplish.

While there are many brands of cordless tools on the market, Dewalt is one of the favorites of the pros. Its signature black and yellow tools can be seen in the hands of many construction workers, so it is a brand to be trusted.

18 volt lithium ion tools are available by many other tool companies, Dewalt has its own 20 Volt set, so why should your husband settle for just a 12 volt kit? Almost all the tasks he will perform will be able to be done with this set. One user set over 50 3 inch long screws through a 2 by 4 piece of wood in using the 12 volt impact driver and one battery pack. Sometimes bigger is not better. The more powerful 18 volt tools have a heavy battery and are bigger, while the 12 volt set is lighter. Each 12 volt piece weights about 2.5 pounds including the battery. The tools are also more compact and comfortable to operate. Which would you rather use overhead drilling screws in to the rafters a 2.5 pound 12 volt tool or a 3.5 pound tool? Finally, there are times that even wives wish to use tools. Because of the smaller size, these tools are excellent for the smaller hands of women and children.

This is why I think you husband would be happy with the gift of a Dewalt 211S2 combo kit this Christmas. It is affordable for you, and a very practical and effective tool for him. Don't forget to include your fix it list inside the gift card. He will want to use it right away, so give him some suggestions!

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