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Conceiving After 35 - 6 Factors Which Play A Role
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Conceiving After 35  -  6 Factors Which Play A Role

If you're having difficulty getting pregnant and conceiving after 35, there are a number of everyday circumstances that my be contributing to your infertility. Hormone levels can fluctuate and cause an imbalance, and additional stress of "trying" to get pregnant doesn't help either.

Here are a 6 factors which play a role in conceiving after 35.

1. Excessive Weight and Obesity - In men, excessive weight and obesity can reduce sperm concentration and sperm count and increase the temperature in the scrotum. In women, the chance of getting pregnant decreases with added weight gain. This is more true when conceiving after 35. Leptin levels increase and this influences the hormone production to the ovaries.

Trying to crash diet and lose all the extra pounds in a short amount of time is not the answer. Studies have shown small amounts of weight loss will greatly improve fertility and your chances of getting pregnant.

2. Heat Exposure - Conceiving after 35 takes some consideration for the men also. A mans sperm are super sensitive to heat. Sperm production requires a body temperature that is slightly below the body's core temperature. Hot bathes, jacuzzi's, hot tubs, tight pants, heated car seats and even holding a lap top on top of your lap can raise the temperature of the testicles and impair semen quality. Guys, stay away from these hot spots!

3. Sexually Transmitted Disease - Chlamydia, gonorrhea and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) are a few commonly transmitted sexually transmitted diseases (STD's). If left untreated, STD's can damage and scar the reproductive organs and glands and greatly decrease the chances of getting pregnant.

Nobody likes to talk about or acknowledge this problem, but going for a medical exam and discussing this issue with your doctor will be helpful in finding answers.

4. Underweight - Being overly concerned with health and weight can lead to infertility. Heavy intense workouts, a very strict vegetarian or low-fat diet may impair healthy hormonal balance.

Many women are trying to shed the pounds to emulate the ridiculous and unobtainable magazine cover models. Please remember, these models are Photoshopped and real people don't really look like this!

When conceiving at 35, you need body fat to store estrogen and other hormones. If your body mass is low, you are more likely to have irregular periods. Find your healthy weight and maintain it by eating healthy and getting pleny of exercise.

5. Exposure to Chemicals - Exposure to over 90,000 chemicals in commercial use are found in the water you drink, the food you eat and the air you breath. Studies have shown chemicals and pesticides, whether it be in the air, ozone or water impair male and female fertility.

When conceiving over 35, this is true to a greater extent as you have been exposed to these chemicals for a longer period of time than a 20 year old.

Perfluorinated chemicals are widely used in everyday items. Clothing, carpets, food packaging and personal care products all interfere with hormones that influence your fertility. Having these items in our lives makes it difficult to live a clean non toxic existance. Do your best at purchasing organic, toxic free foods and products.

6. Aging - Yes, your chances of getting pregnant decreases with age due to the quality and sheer number of your eggs. At puberty, you started with over 1 million eggs. By mid to late 30's, this egg count has dropped to 25,000.

Men in their 30's gradually experience "andropause". Their sperm count, testosterone levels, and semen volume decrease. Although men's fertility decreases with age, it is not as evident and drastic as a womans, and in many cases can still father a child well into their 60's.

Unfortunately, we can't control time or turn back the clock. However, many women in their mid to late 40's are engaging in healthy lifestyle living, herbal therapy and pre-conception care with outstanding baby results! It is not uncommon for women in their 40's to be having their first born.

Whether it's age, weight or any of the other factors which contribute to infertility, your circumstances can be reversed. Conceiving after 35 is not difficult. Strive to make healthy decisions and nurture your fertility.

You do have control over your body and your decisions. Many times, it the small changes you make will make all the difference.

In this case, it may make the difference in creating a whole new life - your babies!

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