Disaster Preparedness: Priority Or Paranoia
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Disaster Preparedness: Priority Or Paranoia

In days gone by, emergency preparedness was as natural as tilling the soil in order to yield a successful crop. As the decades have slipped by, those of us in industrialized, high tech nations have enjoyed the immediate gratification of buying food and bottled water at the local grocer while depending upon power companies to deliver energy to our homes and taking for granted these necessities will always be there. But sometimes the power goes out and an emergency disaster occurs. This article provides some emergency preparedness guidance if you're not sure what to do. People are often considered "Kooks" or doomsday preppers if they have a disaster preparedness plan, as though this is a bad thing; however, this Survivalist blog will give you the most important reasons to consider making an emergency preparedness list to outline your most critical needs, even if you just prepare for power outage.

Not long ago growing up, our family routinely kept at least 3 weeks worth of food in supply and stockpiles of wood for heat, during winter blizzards in Michigan that rendered us unable to get out. It was commonplace and accepted to be prepared and to have First Aid Kits on hand. No one thought we were anything but normal and resourceful.

As you decide whether or not emergency readiness is for you or not, keep this fact in mind: Your local grocery store has only enough food and supplies on hand for approximately 3 days for their community's needs at any given time. In reality, at the time a disaster strikes it is already too late to think of stocking up as the shelves are emptied often within hours.

Do you remember in the recent past the infamous Y2K scare when the clock would tick midnight of December 31, 1999? People stocked up on food and supplies while millions believed it was possible that the computers underneath the ocean would suddenly stop and power grid would fail. In 2012, conspiracy theories surrounded end of the world disaster according to the Mayan Calendar. Since these events did not happen, were folks just paranoid? Maybe so. But they were also ready for anything. Fact is, there have been enough catastrophes we could live without, since these scares. If anything, those so-called "predictions" made people more aware of how important it is to prepare for an emergency.

Your Most Likely Disaster

Since our world has become more dangerous, Americans did not believe a terrorism attack like 9/11 could happen on our soil; but it did. In less than 10 years, the world has experienced weather disasters the magnitude of Hurricane Katrina and Sandy, Japan's Tsunami with radioactive fallout, Haiti's disaster, extreme tornados, fires and mass flooding in places unknown to these types of occurrences, Sandy Hook Elementary's shooting, the Boston Bombing, the wars and many more that we have all come to know. Although everyone can agree that it makes good sense to have a disaster preparedness plan, you may be confused about how to begin in your own home. Maybe you're on the fence about making emergency preparedness a priority because people disagree on what might happen to them. Our belief on this survivalist blog is that emergency preparedness plans are different for each of us depending upon whether there are children, elderly or disabled family members living with you. Each family's needs are also different when living in a hurricane or flood zone, vs. a major metropolitan city subject to crime or potential terrorism threats. Millions are preparing for their most likely disaster scenario. It is best to break down your needs in order to get the basics covered.

U.S. Government is Preparing - Shouldn't You?

The U.S. Government recently made emergency MRE purchases on a large scale for upcoming disasters. If the Federal Government is preparing, is it paranoia for you to do so? No matter which side of the debate you are on, pick your poison, so to speak. Consider the most likely emergency situation that could happen in your area of the country or world. Examine your beliefs on the subject whether it be politically oriented fears of the U.S. Dollar collapse, potential weather emergencies, nuclear plants nearby your residence, safety at home, or the type of most likely mother nature induced catastrophes.

American Red Cross and FEMA Disaster Readiness Guides

The American Red Cross lists some 22 situations to get you started. Hopefully, the list will spark the idea in your mind to narrow down your preparedness plans and ideas to a manageable list that best fits your situation, and then start taking small action steps to get there. Preparing for the unknown removes the sting of surprise and yields a mindset of "readiness" and "strength" along with a feeling of peace. There is just no substitute for knowing you and your family, your children and grandchildren, your parents and pets -- have all been thought about in advance, and your disaster preparedness plans have been communicated with your family.

The first step is to decide what is best for you and your family to prepare FOR. Start with this list to narrow down your potential threats. After that, it's just a matter of education to make an emergency checklist, survival kit list or emergency preparedness guide, and taking action steps.

The Top 22 Common Disasters, Catastrophes, Accidents or Illness for Emergency Readiness

(in alphabetical order, provided by The American Red Cross)

  • Chemical Emergency
  • Drought
  • Earthquake
  • Flood
  • Flu
  • Food Safety
  • Heat Wave
  • Highway Safety
  • Home Fire
  • Hurricane
  • Landslide
  • Pet Safety
  • Poisoning
  • Power Outage
  • Terrorism
  • Thunderstorm
  • Tornado
  • Tsunami
  • Volcano
  • Water Safety
  • Wildfire
  • Winter Storm

Cool Survival's Emergency Preparedness Plan

We are adding the following situations for disaster preparedness for times when a trip across town or a simple recreational activity turns into an emergency event like being lost in the woods during a hike, or encountering a wild animal on a trail, or a threat while traveling. If these additional activities are among your lifestyle, consider checking out information and resources in our articles and videos. FEMA and The American Red Cross can help with learning which disasters are most likely for your area. We will continue adding tips, lists, and information to help you in each category. Additional categories for emergency preparedness:

  • Animal Attack (prevention / treatments)
  • Camping / Outdoor Recreation
  • Children's Safety Plans
  • Crowd Situations
  • Elderly & Disabled Planning
  • Home Security Safety
  • Martial Law
  • Mental Preparedness
  • Travel Safety (by Car or Airplane)
  • Slip and Fall at Home
  • Survival Skills During a Crisis
  • Wilderness Survival

Whether your reason for taking control and getting better prepared is out of common sense or conspiracy, we hope you agree it is a necessary part of the world we live in. If you do nothing or very little, one thing is certain: Once a disaster strikes, it's too late to be ready.

Feel free to comment or add information that may help others along the road to easy, peaceful survival.

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