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Getting Organized At Home (or How I Manage To Keep My Wits About Me)
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When my husband and I got engaged some 40 years ago, we agreed we wanted to have a large family. And so we did. We ended up having 11 children of our own over a twenty-year period, and we are now raising three of our grandchildren. With so many people living under one roof and all their accompanying "stuff," it was very easy for our home to become very cluttered and disorganized. In order to keep everyone from going crazy and our home from falling into chaos, I had to learn how to declutter my house and use some of my "on the job" skills to develop some organization at home. I also had to find some good, not too expensive home organization products to help me meet my family's and my home's organizational needs.

Even if you don't have so large a family (and even if you live alone), I suggest that you would still benefit greatly by having organization at home and by using some dependable home organization products that work well for you and fit into your lifestyle. By finding and using the right tools, you can bring more peace and calm to your living environment, get the "have to do" things done a lot more efficiently, and actually save some time for yourself to do the things you really want and like to do.

From time to time, our family situation or our place of residence changes, and as a result, our organization at home requires some adjustments, too. When I find things are starting to get a little too disorderly, or my current way of doing something is not working as well as it used to, and I want to improve my organization at home, I usually start with those things that are bugging me the most or those tasks that I like the least. I find that by working on these things first, I don't have to continually spend so much time and energy (mental as well as physical) dealing with them. And the atmosphere in my home becomes more pleasant and less unsettled much sooner.

Also, I know that I tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing those things I dislike. So if I don't keep my jobs organized and as efficient as possible in those areas, I can let the work pile up until it is totally overwhelming and I don't even want to get started on it. Probably the best example of this at our house is the laundry. In our family, it seems like there is always laundry to be done. I really didn't enjoy having a "laundry day" each week and spending a whole day gathering, sorting, pre-treating, washing, drying, folding and putting away the clothes. Sometimes, I would put off my "laundry day" until people started complaining about not having something clean to wear, and then I would have even more loads to deal with. Since finding a wonderful laundry sorter (one of those home organization products I mentioned earlier) in which family members can place their dirty clothes everyday and which helps me with hanging and folding the clothes as they come out of the dryer, I have been able to quickly do one or two loads a day as the different sorting bags become full. This system has really relieved the stress of doing laundry for me, and I don't even mind doing it that much anymore.

In addition, as my children will attest, I can be somewhat of a pack-rat. It is hard for me to get rid of things that have "sentimental value" or that I think I might want to use again someday. I find it is much easier to maintain neatness and an orderly environment when, as my grandmother used to say, there is "a place for everything and everything has its place." Having good storage spaces and a good storage system is invaluable in keeping my organization at home up to par. Not only can we find what we want or need when we want or need it, but it keeps clutter to a minimum. When I no longer can find a place for everything I think I want to hang on to, I know it is time to declutter my house. And when the stuff is organized, it is so much easier to decide what things can actually go and which ones I really do want to keep.

Just as being well-organized at work helps you be more efficient and more productive in your job, organization at home helps life there run more smoothly. Also, having good organization at home is key to providing a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment for you and your family. Finding and using the appropriate home organization tools will greatly reduce your stress levels and enhance your efforts in getting organized at home. In my experience, I have really found this to be true. There are some home organization products I have discovered along the way that have really made a difference in managing my life at home. To learn more about these home organization products or to share your finds, experiences and ideas you can visit my website.

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