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Great Home Essentials - Overcoming Physically Challenges At Home
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Great Home Essentials   -   overcoming Physically Challenges at Home

One of my best friends in high school was physically challenged. His right leg was weaker than the left leg and he had to keep tilting over to the side and support his leg whenever he moves. He moves (walks) in a jumpy kind of way.

He had no brace and was without clutches but he was full of life and was all over the place! He was equally good at some games, he has partnered with me a thousand times playing double in table tennis.

Being close to him made me always trying to find ways of making his stay in school a bit more comfortable for him. Physically we were the exact opposite; I was six feet 4 inches tall and was in the various physically demanding games while he was just a lively boy that could hardly stay still

To overcome his physical challenges, certain activities were carried out for a period of time, these includes

Challenge the Disability

This might could cruel or illogical to some, but that is a strange but good thing to do. My friend came to spent days with me during one of the holidays. I discovered he feels a sense of achievement if he could get some chores we simply take for granted completed. Thing s like mopping the floor! The more he moves around doing domestic chores the more I could see the sense of purpose in him

The physically challenged individual needs to learn how to focus on their strength and not their weakness. You could gradually build confidence in those that are not responding positively by pushing them to their perceived limits and getting them to learn to get things done by themselves. They will begin to build more on their strength and look less on their weakness.

Engage in Social Activities

One of the greatest challenges they do have is not the physical challenge that we all do see but being able to integrate themselves into social circles. Set out collective tasks that involve everybody or at least two individuals with the physically challenged inclusive. Carrying out house chores or doing a task together would build confidence and responsibility in them.

This is one way of passing a strong signal that a physically challenged individual is accepted as being capable of handling responsibility and is not seen as been deficient in any way. He should also be involved in activities that will open doors and opportunities for making good money working as part of a team

Steps should be taken to involve physically challenged people in activities that also include others that are not in their close circle of friends. This is a very great way to build friendships.

Provide only Essential Aids

Filling the house with all matter of aids might not really be too helpful as the physically challenged ought to learn to do things purposefully. Only the necessary affordable low cost home essentials are advisable to be provided. This usually involves setting targets for them to accomplish only using the barest aids.

Good examples of these are found in individuals developing their strengths to not only compliment their weakness but to suppress that of the physically able individuals. Research has showed that individuals that uses only the essentials they need to aid their disability perform better when on their own than those that have access to every form of assistance (e.g a nurse and sophisticated aids. )

Focus on Abilities

Like I said in the above paragraph, physically challenged individuals can build on their strength and do even better than those without such disabilities. You are to always focus on his strength and capabilities. Targets should be set for him to achieve. It could just as simple as taking a couple of steps without the aid of a walking cane. My friend even with a weak leg learnt to play table tennis standing on his good leg and hopping around. He was one 'hell' of a guy! Many able boys were 'trashed black and blue' by the 'one legged table bandit' as he was nicknamed.

Encourage Them

Physically Challenged individuals like trying to do things for themselves so the best you could do for them is to provide them with aids which them could use to either move, write or do that which their body is inhibiting them from doing

Always remember that having a physical challenge is not to hinder the social Interaction of an individual. Never give the impression that you are trying to make thing easier for them because of their incapability to do certain things within the home.

It is very important to create activities that will engage all the physically challenged individual's operating senses and abilities. Shaping his perception using all of his functional senses and body parts will definitely prevent a physically challenged individual from depression and wanting to withdraw into his or her own private world when faced with challenges

Street Talk

Very good advice here, and a very good story. I can see him kicking but on the table one good leg or not!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Shawn. He sure was full of life!

  about 9 years ago

I've never had an opportunity to know about a handicapped person, so I am happy to learn what you had to teach about your friend. It is a very visual article. I would have liked to see the two of you in a picture; I think it would have contributed a great deal to reader interest. Just a thought. You are a fine writer and also a keen observer.

  about 9 years ago

wow! that is a good idea, I will go through my old pix and find one. Thanks

  about 9 years ago
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