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Indoor Tomato Production
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Indoor Tomato Production

Tomatoes have been grown in greenhouses for decades so indoor production is nothing new. What is new is the move toward home tomato production. Yes, I know that people have raise tomatoes in gardens for hundreds of years. What I'm talking about is in-home tomato production - growing tomatoes in your living room.

There are so many benefits to having plants in our homes. Houseplants filter the air, produce oxygen, and are aesthetically pleasing. These are all great benefits, but why can't the produce food also. If we were to grow tomatoes or other vegetables in our homes wouldn't they be even more beneficial? Wouldn't it be great to see your children or grandchildren picking and eating cherry tomatoes in the family room instead of eating junk food?

The question arises "can you raise tomatoes inside" and the answer is yes! Tomatoes do quite well indoors if they are kept in a well-lit area. Tomatoes are a full light plant so they love sunshine. If it's not possible to keep them in front of a bright window then using a couple of grow lights may be necessary. You can purchase inexpensive compact fluorescent grow bulbs and most home improvement stores that will do the job. A bigger concern is growing your tomatoes in a manner that is conducive to your living space.

Container gardening is a method that is employed by most to. Containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Matching your container to your decor and the tomatoes needs is simple. Make sure you choose a container that has a capacity of approximately five gallons, is well drained, and matches your decor. Once you have your container you'll need to purchase a good bedding mix. You want to plant your Tomato(s) in a soil that has been prepared for vegetables. These soils are readily available and are suitable to most vegetable plants. Plant your tomato according to the directions provided, and place the pot in front of a brightly lit window and watch it grow. Most tomatoes produce ripe fruit in 55-70 days.

Growing tomatoes hydroponically is another alternative. There are a few decorative hydroponic systems on the market, but most aren't suited to growing tomatoes. They simply aren't large enough. Typically, the alternative is a black bucket system that is better suited to a basement or sun room than the family room. Though these systems may not be pleasing to the eye the grow tomatoes far more efficiently than containers. The plant receives all the nutrients and water it needs without effort, therefore it grows rapidly. This is my preferred method of indoor tomato production, though it is not the prettiest.

When deciding on what type of tomatoes to grow ask your local greenhouse about indeterminate varieties. These continue to produce tomatoes throughout the year without limitation. These will allow you to produce tomatoes for a much longer period of time without the need for replanting. Also, cherry tomato varieties are a good choice as the produce a lot of fruit that ripens quickly.

There is a wealth of information online concerning growing tomatoes. Weeding through it can be a bit daunting so I hope that this article has given you some concepts to work with. You can grow tomatoes indoors quite successfully and I hope that you give it a try. If nothing else you'll produce more beautiful houseplants for your family to enjoy, but hopefully you'll have some tasty rewards to share.

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