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My Twin Sister Eboni !?
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My Twin Sister Eboni !?

We all have family members who we just vibe with very easily. There is just something so cool and calm about these people that just makes you want to be around them. Well in this case Im talking about my big sister. Strangely enough we were born on the exact same day, just ten years apart(I couldn't make this up if I wanted to). Seeing as we are ten years apart we never really got to hang out when were younger, but seeing as it was my twenty third birthday(and her thirty third birthday) we decided we should hang out, and make the most out of the day.

First Impression of my sister

Yep, she has to be my sister, she has the same laid-back, but loud and hysterical attitude as me. The first day of our birthday we decided to go the mall, so she could get her "nails did". Afterwards we hung out and got drinks for the party. Talking to her was just so easy, it seemed like even though we weren't in the same age group we had a lot of similar stories and experiences. One of the best parts of being with her was the natural roles of older sister, younger brother we fell into. I would crack jokes on her, and she would get me back, it was one of the most comical exchanges I have had with someone in a long time.

Difference between Us

Eboni, being both female as well as older, should be completely different than me right? She should be serious and stoic, while giving constant advice to her younger sibling about the do's and don'ts of life. Nope! The major difference between my sister and I is simply age(which I constantly bring up, anytime I get a chance). I do not intentionally mean to joke about my sister it's more of a sibling interaction, which all brother-sister relationships share. Another huge difference between us is sleep habits. My sister is a night owl and does not like to rise early in the morning, while I am a night owl, who has had to adjust to waking up early for school. This reminds me of the morning after our birthday, I set my alarm to seven thirty(which is too darn early for my sister) and placed it in her room, she awoke in a drunken stupor that could only be compared to awakening a sleeping sloth.

My niece Mo-Mo

Let me start of by saying I love this little girl to death. Though she is full of energy and very draining on others, she has one of the most positive outlooks on life that I have seen from anybody! Being around my niece is like trying to catch lighting in a bottle. Her energy actually begins to infect you and begins to lighten you up,which leads to fun times or wrestling matches if your her uncle(like me).

Finally I want to state that family is very important, we sometimes get caught up in our own lives that we forget to mention them or show them appreciation. Hopefully after reading this article you will give someone in your family a ring, there is nothing like a friendly hello(or a laugh between siblings) to get the day started.

~Until next time~ Prince Stringer

Street Talk

Very nice article Prince, yes it did bring back memories, thanks.

  about 9 years ago
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