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Never Organize Your Home Guide
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As I look around my house I wonder how much of it needs to be organized or is it ok just the way it is. You may ask yourself that very same question, since you basically know where everything is why be bothered with all the extra work of some sort of formal ‘Martha Stewart’ organization process. But at the same time would my life be easier if it were just a little bit more organized?

I’m here to convince you that it is worth your time to organize the home and how to get started. It doesn’t have to be a big deal to get your life more organized nor do you have to take a month off from work to get it done. The best way to get started is in little baby steps. Take the most obvious time waster in your life and you can’t count people here. Look at your day, from the time that you shut off the alarm clock in the morning, step out of bed, and head to the bathroom to brush your teeth, look at how your room is set up.

Here’s what I mean. I like to get up to soft music in the morning, so I make sure that my alarm clock is on a radio station that I like and the volume is just loud enough to wake me but not throw me out of bed. Although I can get ready and be out the door in 30 minutes I like the feeling of lounging around before going to work so I set my alarm for 1 hour before I really need to start getting ready to give myself time for watching some news, drinking coffee, reading and generally taking my time before the day starts. It makes the day run smoother when you are not rushed and crazy when leaving the house.

Organizing the home is for lazy people. Yes that’s right, when you have your home organized you can afford to take life easy because you aren’t running around like a crazy person looking for your stuff, keys, phone, purse, all your favorite things. All it takes to organize the things that you use every day is just be a creature of habit. Define a space where you drop off your purse, keys, and backpack, charge your phone and place them there every time you come in and out of your home. It’s amazing how simple it can be. At my site you will learn that our goal is to remove the clutter and stress from your life.

Give yourself some free time. I have friends that love to tell me how busy they are. When you ask them how they are their first response is to tell me how busy they are. You will give yourself more free time when you organize your home. That doesn’t mean that you alphabetize the pantry or be a wild woman with the label maker, but you will find that when you have put all the loose pictures that are in every room in the house in clear boxes in one place your life will start to take on a whole new sense of peace. You can tell your friends that you are busy too, but we will know the truth – you are now sitting on the couch drinking coffee and reading a book.

Next we will tackle some of the harder topics and get you in shape and ready for the couch - after you have done some of your homework. To learn more about how to organize, visit me at

Street Talk

Getting organized is a priority for me right now. Thanks for the tips.

  about 1 decade ago
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