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Organizing Tips For Home Or Help Im Being Held Hostage In The Kitchen
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When you have finally decided that organizing your home may have some benefits and you’re willing to give it a try, start with a plan. Let’s start at the top. Where do you spend most of your time, in the kitchen cooking, living room watching television, bedroom sleeping or bathroom?  Now enter that room or visualize it and think about what would make it better.

Let’s look at the kitchen

Are the dishes and silverware in a convenient location to the dishwasher or sink?

  • It’s no fun running across the kitchen to load/unload the dishwasher or the sink with clean dishes. Of course if you get someone else to do this you don’t have to worry so much.

When you open a drawer, can you easily find what you are looking for before you forget why you opened the drawer?

  • It can be so distracting when you open a drawer and find something that you had been looking for 2 days ago that you forget what it is you are looking for right now.

Are like things stored together?

  • When my kids were in elementary school we played games of putting like things together and this is the place for us to play that game again.
  1. Spices
  2. Pot & Pans
  3. Storage bowls
  4. Serving bowls
  5. Food stored in one place

Do you have a grocery list?

  • I got tired of grocery shopping after doing it for 20 years buying the same things each week. I thought that there should be a better way, good news there is. I created a list that we use each week that is so easy that anyone in the house could go to the store and get the right food. I am no longer am the designated food buyer, but part of the team. Hooray!

Is your food organized?

  • All those cans, bottles, and boxes can be overwhelming and at the same time when you go to make meals it drives me crazy to have to go hunting for stuff that I know we have. Now if you have extra money, I know those words don’t make sense together, you should put your staples in storage containers that can be stacked and labeled. I like using the disposable containers found in the grocery or discount stores for items I’m not sure I’ll be keeping around.
  • This does mean that the optimum solution here is to organize your canned goods so that the vegies and soups are group together. I know for some this is much too simple while others have their food scattered around their kitchens I know this because I’ve seen it. Some folks don’t put away their groceries in a pantry or cabinet, they leave them on the counter until they use them.

Do you have too many?

  • Glasses or coffee cups – There isn’t a perfect number for how many you should have, but if you can’t get them in one level of the cabinet you probably have too many in one place. I love having seasonal coffee cups that I store in another place and bring out for time to time.
  • Pots & Pans – Do you find that you aren’t using all the cookware that you own, but can’t bring yourself to toss it out? Just like your clothes that you love but don’t wear, put it in another place and check on it to see if you miss it. If you don’t miss it, pass it on to someone else. There are many great organizations that would love to have your stuff.
  • This list could go on, but to sum it up, if you’re trying to figure out how to store your extra stuff you may have too much stuff.

Today we looked at organization tips for home and our focus is the Kitchen. We’ll move into the other areas in the next post. Visit HowToOrganizeTheHome  for more information about our products and services.  

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