Top 5 Couples Halloween And Fancy Dress Costumes
Dressing up for a fancy dress party as a couple can be so much fun and with the amount of amazing costumes available…
Model Railroad Scenery - Painting Rocks
Creating realist model railroad scenery is one of the most satisfying parts of model railroading. As a beginner, one…
Online Predators are Real: Your Child Could be
Alicia Kozakiewicz was a thirteen-year old girl who was lured away from home by an online predator. She willingly got…
Top 5 Unusual Halloween Costumes For Kids
When it comes to choosing a costume for a child or the child choosing for themselves for Halloween or any fancy dress…
Home Video Gaming - Family Gathering?
Why you should have games at your next gathering? When it comes to family bonding and gatherings, most people will…
Talking to Kids About the Connecticut Shootings
I have struggled where to publish this but I decided this is a good place and it can be passed on to those that you…
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Deer And Starting Seeds
For outdoor gardeners there comes a time when the seeds started indoors must make their journey out of the house. It's an exciting time because if everything has been done correctly those sprouts will zoom in the sun into proud and mature plants. Yet outside the protection of the four…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Gardening   Jan 30, 2012  
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Taking Care Of Mom And Dad
As I was growing up I never realized my parents were not kids, probably because they acted like kids. Both mom and dad were full of energy and life and laughter. Summers spent playing badminton in the yard and when it snowed we went sled riding off the biggest hill.…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Elder Care   Dec 05, 2012  
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Ten Tips For Becoming Your Family's Nutritionist - Article Four
Following is the last tip. You as parents have a nutritional window of opportunity in your child's first few years to shape their tastes into lifelong healthy eating habits. Here are the first five of ten tips that will give your infant a smart nutritional start. 10. Raise a Lean…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Motherhood   Apr 26, 2016  
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Screaming In Toddlers
It's one of the most amazing experiences of your life - after nine months of excitement tinged with worry you finally become a parent. But how long will it take before you discover screaming in toddlers is a common trait that most newbie parents forget is just around the corner.…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Early Childhood Education   Oct 10, 2011  
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Basic Tropical Plant Care
Tropical house plants are commonplace in our lives, offices and in our homes. However, they often get put off in a corner and more or less forgotten about, that is until they grab your attention because they look so bad. The care they need in order to look beautiful is…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Gardening   Dec 20, 2012  
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5 Steps to Better Organization In the Bathroom
In the home, the bathroom ranks as the most visited room. It will require daily attention because, if not, the room can become a disorganized mess quite quickly. While no one would ever suggest the bathroom is the most fun room to clean or organize, anyone who follows these five…
By:  in  Home and Family   Jul 31, 2013  
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Traveling While Pregnant
Pregnancy and traveling go together about as well as pickles and ice cream. Yet I find myself traveling while pregnant often, including international destinations. You may wonder if I wouldn't be better suited to travel directly to a psychiatrist's couch! Air Travel While Pregnant As a general rule you are…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Babies Toddler   Nov 04, 2013  
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Raising Children
When raising your children you must understand that your strategies will need to change as they grow older. You must learn how to raise your children so that they are set on the right track and are guided along the way. You will have to do all of this on…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Mar 22, 2011  
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Free Cds And Dvds for Storage And Entertainment Purposes
If you have headed recently to a local store or started searching for data storage products on the internet, chances are you will realize there are so many choices available to you. With a variety of styles and brands to select from, it is often confusing to make the right…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Crafts Hobbies   Feb 28, 2014  
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Finding the Most Appropriate Childcare Services London
As a parent, I’m sure you have observed that childcare services have become really important and popular today, considering the fact that a lot of busy and working couples are opting for these helpful services. Taking into account this increased need for childcare services, a lot of service providers have…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Oct 21, 2015  
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Why Las Vegas Pool Owners Should Consider A Las Vegas Pool Service
Most individuals who choose to have a pool do it to enjoy a refreshing swim or just lounge by with an evening cocktail or throw a party and they want to do it in clear, blue water. For a large number of individuals this only seems to be a dream…
By:  in  Home and Family   Jul 02, 2014  
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Profile Of Caregivers In Sacramento
There are many different types of people in this world. Each of them will live their lives based on what they have learned and all the things they have seen in others. If you want to work with them, you will have to analyze every person you will get in…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Elder Care   Apr 10, 2015  
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Indoor Games to Entertain Your Guests
Build It Up Test your sense of balance as you stack up a tall tower, but watch out! Will you be the one to make it tumble? Materials Needed: A variety of small flat objects that can be piled on top of one another, such as crackers, cheese slices, dominoes,…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parties   May 15, 2012  
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Places To Have A Kid's Summer Birthday Party
Kid birthday parties are always fun. But summer birthday parties are the best. My birthday is in the winter and I remember as a child always wishing my birthday was in the summer. Because summer birthday parties usually meant some sort of water activity was going to be involved. There…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parties   Jun 28, 2012  
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Are Traditional Candles Safe
A tea light or night light is a small candle wrapped either in plastic or metal to allow all the wax to liquefy when lit. Typically wider than they are tall, often multiple candles are burnt at the same time. Most candles are made of paraffin but can also be…
By:  in  Home and Family   Jan 09, 2012  
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Why use Non Hybrid Seeds?
There are so many reasons gardeners today are choosing to use non hybrid, open pollinated seeds. Many people have become aware of the importance to acquire, use and store non hybrid seeds, and yet have no knowledge of why - why non hybrid seeds? Nutritional Value One of the reasons…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Gardening   Sep 20, 2013  
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Left-handed Kitchen Adventures
As mentioned in my previous articles, my interest in life as a “lefty” in a right-handed world started when I sprained my right wrist. I was ace-bandaged and still had limited use of my right hand but through my own clumsiness had to depend on my left hand as dominant…
By:  in  Home and Family   Dec 05, 2011  
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Free Pass - My Son Was Drifting Away
Friday night. 12:45am. I’m heading home after a fabulous evening with my best girlfriend. I hop into an Uber, rest my head back, and close my eyes. It’s been a long day. “You have a good night tonight?” I open my eyes and meet my driver’s gaze in the rear-view…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Mar 07, 2016  
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Safe Kids Coalitions
Organizations Who Help Children: What is the purpose and benefits of so many safe kids websites? Safe kids gather helpful information for experienced and inexperience parents and caregivers . They also provide information to newly parents or grandparents. Because of a host of new hidden dangers in our homes today.…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Jan 01, 2014  
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Encourage Kids To Bake
Children love to create in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the sweetness of baking or the sheer fun of making a mess but my experience has been that I’ve never had to ask twice for baking help. I have three children and they all vie for a spot around my mixer…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Feb 26, 2012  
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The Why Of the Extended Home And Family
We need better long term aging alternatives. The big "cost saving" push being felt from Government and long term health providers is Aging In Place. I suggest another alternative..aging parents are brought back into the family, integrated, a part of daily life, an essential part of daily life. I suggest…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Baby Boomer   Jun 14, 2013  
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Creating Memories of the Old School Arcade – PBS Kids.Org Games
Many parents can remember spending time in the old style arcade with games like Pacman, Mario Brothers and Donkey Kong. PBS Kids Org Games has brought back, not the same games, but a new version of them with their website. These solely entertaining games are sprinkled in amongst the games…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Early Childhood Education   May 14, 2011  
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Make The Papers!
If you're interested in a cool art and craft project, try making the papers! Not the newspapers; I mean try your hand at crafting your own paper, stationary, cards, etc. Paper making is an easier process than most people think, and there's no end to the different techniques you could…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Crafts Hobbies   Aug 05, 2011  
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A Complicated Case Of Bad Obstetric Solved at the Indira Ivf Clinic In Patna
3000 years of rich cultural history and diversity, is the erstwhile city of Patliputra which was also the capital of the Magadha Kingdom, now known as Patna and the capital of the state of Bihar in India, Is also popular among tourists as it has some breathtaking spots often frequented…
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A New Life
We have been on the road for the better part of 2 days. My 5 year old son Ronny and I were on our way to a new town, a new job for me and a new start in life. Our lives have changed because my ex-husband asked for a…
By:  in  Home and Family   Nov 25, 2014  
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Getting Your Body Ready for Pregnancy
Being overweight or underweight during pregnancy can cause problems. In a perfect world we would all be a healthy weight at the start of our pregnancy and go on to gain the perfect amount over the next nine months. Being a healthy weight not only makes life more comfortable and…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Pregnancy   Jan 18, 2014  
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Why Consider Hiring A Reliable & Professional Pest Control Company
The season keeps changing and unwanted pests like cockroaches, rats, spiders, ants and rodents will start to seek refuge in your Sacramento property. These unwanted pests are more that just a nuisance in the property. They do not just cause property damage but as well pose serious health threats as…
By:  in  Home and Family   Jul 17, 2015  
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History Of Saint Patrick's Day
Have you ever wondered about the history of Saint Patrick's day? Why do we wear green? Or, what does a shamrock have to do with it? I have always wondered. In fact, I asked about it once and a relative told me that she heard about one Irish religion wore…
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What is Compost And is it Worth It?
Composting really is very simple science: all you are doing is making a habitat with organic waste, for organisms that work in the decomposition cycle. For compost is nothing more then a living ecosystem that supports a very complex community of microbes. and other such organisms. These bugs need food,…
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Allow Babies To Cry
Since the very first moment we hold our child in our arms, most parents want them to be happy. We sacrifice ourselves for their contentedness in every way. It becomes our life mission to feed them on demand, change them when they’re wet, ensure they’re well rested and well cuddled.…
By:  in  Home and Family  >  Parenting   Feb 16, 2012  
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Whether it’s a small or large set up, office relocation is truly a difficult process. You may not…
Kids seem to have all the time in the world. As a parent you want that time to count as quality,…
I recently worked with a little girl who had some worries about going to school. She was very young…
In the United States, people are usually divided into two groups. These groups are extroverts and…
Nearly a quarter of a million children in England and Wales are caring for a relative, new statistics…
The Divine Feminine If you are a mother, this entire article will seem one way to you. If you have…

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