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Why Everyone Should Have Siblings
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Are you an only child? What was the experience of growing up without siblings like for you when you were younger? There are advantages and disadvantages to being an only child and to having siblings. Both ways of growing up make one's life unique.

If you are an only child, you get to have your own bedroom. You also do not have to worry about getting your older siblings' hand-me-down toys or clothing. In addition to the advantages, there are also some disadvantages to being an only child, however.

First, you might feel lonely if you have no siblings to play with while you are growing up. There may be other children in the neighborhood, but nothing can replace siblings. They know you best, and they are often the most fun to play with. Childhood play is not the only reason why everyone should have siblings, of course. There are other reasons to have siblings that relate to one's life as he gets older.

As a person grows up, he has experiences. If he himself has these experiences, he gains wisdom, and he can share his wisdom with his younger siblings. If older siblings have these experiences first, they can share their wisdom with him.

For example, college is an adventure that many people experience. While they are at school, they learn that college can be both exciting and frustrating. It is exciting to be away from home and getting to enjoy what college students get to enjoy, such as roommates, guest speakers, campus life, and school activities. In addition to being exciting, however, college can also be frustrating.

Students may get frustrated when they have difficulty in a class, for example. They know that they have to get good grades in order to avoid being suspended and possibly even expelled from school, so they try very hard to do well. Many manage to succeed on their own when they find a study method that works for them. Others, however, need the help of a tutor in order to accomplish their goal of being successful. The tutor explains difficult concepts in a way that the student can understand. After the session with the tutor, the student usually comes away with a better understanding of the subject and a renewed desire to succeed in the class and in school. Academic difficulties are not the only frustrating part of college, however.

Another thing that can aggravate a student is when his advisor does not take his needs and interests into account and instead appears to be more interested in keeping him around to get more money from him. A first-generation college student might not understand what is going on if he runs into this situation. He might assume that it is normal to be in college for a long time. When his friends begin to graduate and he is still in school, however, he might begin to suspect that something is wrong.

I am the oldest of eight children--all girls. I was also a first-generation college student. Since I had no older siblings to warn me of what to expect when I went to college, I was not prepared. It all worked out, however, because I graduated.

I would not trade my position in the family for anything. I enjoy being the oldest sibling, because I get to be a role model for my younger sisters. I enjoy being the one they turn to for advice on the college experience. I have been there, so I can give them some valuable tips.

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