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Why My Television Viewing Consist Of Disney, News, And Sports Channels Whenever My Grand Children Visits
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One of the most embarrassing moments in my life is, while watching television with my children and grand children, and some person appears wearing almost nothing. Call me a prude if you will or may, but I believe certain boundaries should be established when it comes to family. Some so-called PG and even some G rated movies will make you think you are watching higher rated movies. I will sometimes rent a movie which I know is family appropriate. As my mother use to say, whatever happened to decency?

I believe a certain amount of respect should be afforded to all family members. Not to brag but my grand kids are very bright, when they ask me to define something they may have seen on television, I try to change the subject. My grand son will allow me to ramble on and on, then say, grand daddy, you didn't answer my question.

I have no problem with people watching whatever shows they wish. My problem centers on the television networks allowing some of the objectionable material into my home. I know, you say change the channel. Well if I happen to be watching a x-rated movie, I know what to expect. I am talking about so-called family shows where anything may jump out at you.

Although I love to watch movies, I will not watch all types of them in the presence of my grand children. I may say a few choice words from time to time, but I don’t ever recall swearing in their presence. I have never cursed in the presence of my mother. Some things you just don’t do.

Respect is based on a certain image or esteem one has for someone. When all respect is taken from us and we have no one to revere, a total breakdown in our society will occur. Although my mother has been gone for a number of years, from time to time, especially if I am confronted with a situation that may require a thought or two, her words still echo in my ears. If I had lost respect for her, her words would mean absolutely nothing to me. Knowing that she raised me with a good foundation, I can appreciate what she meant to me.

Don’t get me wrong, when I was young, smart and knew everything, her words meant nothing. However, father time has etched her words within me and they will forever be with me. I attempt to pass on some of those principles to my children and grand children.

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I love this article! Its too bad that so many people now days don't have this type of upbringing anymore. I was raised the same way and the world seems so different now. Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely no saint, but there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed in the presence of children; yet it seems that line has almost disappeared! Maybe in the next lifetime people will get back to the values that we had long ago.

  about 1 decade ago

Glad you could identify with the article. Good luck with your designs Designs.

  about 1 decade ago
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