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Your Home - A True Haven
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Your Home  -  A True Haven

Home sweet home. Where else do you feel more comfortable, more at ease, more relaxed, more "at home" When life gets hectic the first place it usually starts to show is right here in our own place. But even so, it still feels go to be there.

We each have our own unique living style and way of expressing our values and passions in the places we live. We see it in our furniture, on our walls, in the colors we choose, and with the faces of the other people that fill it. It's not only expressed in the way we decorate, but the routines we create at home, our moods, and the relationships that co-exist within. Our attitudes contribute greatly towards our home being a haven or the pits.

There are things we can do, little things that will create an atmosphere of a true haven, a refuge. Ways we can at more of ourselves into the picture, making the place you live in truly yours. There are also ways to make our home a healthier place to dwell, thereby contributing to a happier place.

A lovely way to enhance your living space it to bring the beauty of outside in. Most families have some sort of houseplants inside, and for good reason. Bringing living plants inside brings your home to life as well. It adds color, serenity, and vibrancy. Plants also contribute to better air quality inside, filtering a good deal of indoor pollution and producing more oxygen.

Keeping a clean home definitely contributes to an overall sense of peace within, but stressing too much about keeping it perfect can do the opposite. A great way of keeping a balance and keeping a clean home is clutter control. Less is more, and less stuff means less stuff to clean. Even daily pick-up around the house can be done in much quicker time if we naturally have less in each room. In this case I love the word less. Less mess, less anxiety, more calm.

Make your bedroom the coziest place of all. Though it may not be the most popular place to get things done at home, it is the last place we visit before closing our eyes to sleep. The environment we create in our bedroom can really help us unwind and relax our minds and bodies as we get ready to end the day. Also its usually where we snuggle up to that special person we love, making it a very special place. Here is where I think comfort very much comes before how things look. A super cozy blanket and comfortable pillows should be just that. Too much emphasize on the decor can often be pure show and not be all that comfortable at all.

Make your home glow! Using candles throughout most of your place in the evening can create a magical, soothing lighting. Candles are great for unwinding, especially with a scent you really like. They can save you a bit on your electric bill as well.

Breathe. Take small moments while you're already home to enjoy the place you've created! Soak in the details all around you. Remember what a blessing it is to be there in your own unique abode. Remember home is about family and enjoying all the little things that make life great. When life outside the home seems to pass by too quickly, take time at home to remember what you love and why you love it. That there is your haven.

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