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When you start out trying to earn money online, it can be hard to tell what sites are scams and what sites actually work. You can spend all day looking for ways to earn money online, but all you find is scams. People promote sites that are scams all the time and don't even realize that they are. They think they have the newest program that is going to make them rich, but actually they've just found the newest scam.

So where does this leave you? A site or two that maybe makes you a few dollars a month. That isn't fun. You want to really earn. So where do you start?

Best Ways To Earn(link below) is a site I developed of sites I trust and I have researched. I may not have been paid by all of them yet, but others have and they are trustworthy. If you don't trust me, do your own research and find out for yourself!

But I assure you, if you join these sites, you won't regret it. You can earn actual money without worrying about if you will or will not get paid.

Now the next question is, what are these programs? There are a variety. The major topics are PTC(paid to click), PTR(paid to read), affiliate marketing, and paid to write.

Some of the programs are primarily one type, but have features of others. This gives you more income opportunities. Making the program more stable and more reliable.

One of my major recommendations is, don't do anything you don't want to. If you think there is something wrong, don't do it. Research it, if you think it's worth it. But don't sign up or buy anything if you think it's not worth it or a scam.

I can understand if you don't like any of these programs. They aren't for everybody and not everybody will like them. There are other ways to earn money online, but I don't use them. I'm either not good at them, or I don't like them.

I also realize that these aren't the only websites in their categories, and it's not that I think the others are scams, it's just that these are some of the more popular and widely preferred programs.

Best Ways To Earn isn't for everybody, but I recommend you check it out and see if you can earn more money online with these methods. I wish you the best of luck with earning money online!

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Ai Hoon  

Thanks for the article. I would really like to learn from you as I am a beginner internet business owner... How do I get in touch?

  about 1 decade ago
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