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Bill Gates, Steve Jobs And John Milanoski
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What do Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and John Milanoski Have in common?

“First and foremost, my condolences to the Jobs family for their loss. To all of Jobs friends and relatives my sincerest condolences for we have truly lost a great man. All though I never personally met Mr. Jobs, I like many computer enthusiast have followed this great man's career. We have all benefited from this icon in so many ways.”

Now for the real reason of this article, what does Bill Gate, Steve Jobs (recently departed) and John Milanoski have in common.

Well we all know Bill Gates and how he saw the vision in “dos” the programming base of his empire. How he bought the little computer programming software called dos for a few thousand dollars and turned it to a billion dollars mega-empire.

Steve Jobs with his vision in that little known micro computer company he called APLEE and how he grew his vision into what we know today as the giant corporation "Apple Computers"

Even though IBM passed on his idea of building micro computers for the personal computer market, Steve Jobs new he had a winning thing. IBM did not see or understood his vision. While working for IBM with out their funding or even consent to follow that niche. Jobs, built his little dream of making and selling small computers into one of the biggest computer companies in all time.

John Milanoski sees a vision and has a dream started by another industry giant called “Groupon” a company coined as the fastest growing company in history. Not just the internet which has seen great growth and innovative break through, with Microsoft and Apple Computers, Google, Facebook, Myspace and others, too many to mention.

John founded the next biggest company even surpassing Google, Facebook, Microsoft, even Apple and even Groupon. If you have not heard of “John Milanoski” then you should look up The Customer Advantage the company founded by John. A company so innovative it is poised to sure pass Groupon.

Groupon the fastest growing company in the history of business...

John saw what Groupon was doing and found a way to improve on its concept.

While companies like Groupon, Living Social and others have capitalized on the way we shop, save on daily deals and businesses build huge customer bases in one day deals. John has taken it one step further and added an incentive for us all to get involved.

Groupon made daily deals popular John with TCA has made them profitable more information available. By combining the Group buying concept with a forum to earn as you shop and share the daily deals.

Just by sharing what comes natural to us all, something of value to us we naturally share with others. Now you can benefit from sharing your love of savings and make cash money in the process.

John Milanoski’s unselfish desire to spread the wealth in this new concept is still in pre-launch mode, but soon will be as mainstream as Groupon and bigger than Living Social. Now is the time to learn all you can about The Customer Advantage.  

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