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Are you one of the thousands of people who are looking for some type work from home where you can earn a few extra bucks perhaps using your computer and the internet? Or are you among that group that is looking to create your own online business and work solely for yourself? In either case there is good news for you.

There are actually hundreds of companies that are looking to hire people who want to work from home. The question you are probably asking is 'How do I find these companies and their job offers?'

The good news is that the legwork and research required to find them has already been done for you. The names of these companies and what they have to offer have been compiled and published online for you.

You should view these offers and companies exactly as you would any other job offer you might find online or in the newspaper: You check out the company, you visit the company (or website) to see what the offer is, and then make your decision.

There is usually a one time fee to gain access to these valuable lists, but once you sign up, you have a lifetime membership with constantly updated listings and you never have to pay another penny. It would be almost impossible not to find work using this method.

These jobs are conveniently listed by type or category. Some of the categories are Data Entry, Typing, Product Testing, Translating, Customer Service, Sales, Marketing, Researcher, Comic Book Artist, Medical Transcription, Web Page Designing, Ad Writing, Story Writing, and literally hundreds more.

You can also sign up to have new job postings emailed directly to you before they are added to the lists for public access.

If you are just trying to raise some additional cash, you simply look through the directory and find a category of work that suits you and sign up to work for that company. It's actually quite simple.

We found two major online job listing agencies whose sole function is to locate legitimate companies offering computer work from home jobs, and then list them for their members.

Now creating your own online business is quite different from doing work for an already established company as described above. You will need to learn how to build your website, how to get people to visit your website, how to find products to sell (if that's what you're into) and how to market your website and products.

The beauty of being your own boss is that once your websites are all set up and running, you can realize a steady flow of automated income. That's because your websites will be continuously working 24/7 for you even while you sleep. You can and should update your sites from time to time as needed to keep them current and fresh.

This method allows you to make the most money. Thousands are making a full time living this way. It can be very lucrative.

To get the training you will need, you can enroll in one of the few online schools that gives you access to all the tools, help, expertise, and training you will need. We found one such school in particular that was especially noteworthy.

In the end, the method you choose; either finding work through the job listing agencies or, deciding to set up your own online business, is totally up to you and depends on your particular personality and needs.

There are thousands of people who are out of work today that are unaware that these resources are available to them. Hopefully this information will prove beneficial to you or perhaps you can pass it along to someone you know who is in need of such information.

If you are serious about doing computer work from home, or perhaps starting your own company, the resources are right here to help you.

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