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If you take the time to write down your memorable dreams (you know the ones that haunt you throughout your conscious awake time) you might see connections in the real world. The connections probably won't be verbatim from dream to reality but with a little rudimentary analysis you can glean some interesting ideas that may help your business and life along a more interesting path.

Not only should you record your dreams but those of anyone else who is prone to share. You see when your subconscious comes out to play (what we usually refer to as dreaming) there are no rules, no laws of nature to obey, no pesky realities because in dreamland we are all rich, beautiful, powerful and brilliant. When we are boundless in our thoughts, ideas and pursuits.

For example, you may dream of rocket travel to distant planets. On this particular planet you notice that everything glitters. So, once you wake up you look at your bland web site which has not been updated in a very long time. Why not add glitter to the background? Glitter dusting along as the mouse moves. Glitter adds vitality, a sense of whimsy and much needed color to our lives. If you look around the internet you will probably find a plugin to accomplish this very task and voila! your dream just crossed over into reality. This is a very basic example but hopefully you get the picture.

Recurring dreams are the best or worst (depending on your perspective). I have this one pesky recurring dream about a house. Actually it is worse than being trapped in a conventional house because there are crawl spaces, rooms that you can only access via rickety stairs or ladders (my fear of heights figures into this somehow I am sure). In the end, I usually wind up in my grandmothers house somehow. What can be used from this in reality? How about a website that uses the concept of rooms to break down an entire universe into different themed pages or sub-sites? Actually it seems to be a metaphor for how I usually set out to solve a problem. One room (or sub-problem) at a time culminating into a solution which brings me back to a safe place (grandmothers house is the safest place I can imagine).

Another aspect of this particular dream is that it usually reoccurs when I have a tough decision to make (a crossroads of sorts). Think about your reoccurring dreams (I actually have several) and when they seem to reoccur. What is going on in your life that could contribute to revisiting this particular dream? This can sometimes be as important as the dream itself. Some dreams reoccur due to traumatic events, life changing events or just a time when you are particularly introspective. When someone close to me dies I usually dream about having conversations with them from 3 days to one week after the funeral. Strange, nothing particularly enlightening stems from these conversations. I just take it as my way to have closure with the loss of some loved one who can be family, friend or someone I related to in some aspect of my life.

All dreams have meaning and once you can embrace the dreams, write about them, find threads of continuity which may be helpful in your business and life. Who knows you may end up discovering a valid business idea or write the next hit song (it is said that Paul McCartney "heard" the classic song "Yesterday" in a dream). Dreams for many are an untapped resource for ideas. Don't let them slip away unnoticed.

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