Emotional Intelligence And The Affiliate Marketer
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Emotional Intelligence And the Affiliate Marketer

Emotional intelligence is a heavy word in our society. Many people have heard about measuring your intelligence by making use of a mental performance rating called “Intelligence Quotient” (IQ). This would indicate how clever or smart you are. However, with emotional intelligence it is a little bit different.

The dictionary typically defines emotional intelligence as “the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically”. Emotional intelligence holds an important key to our personal and professional success, some people would argue.

Someone who is emotionally intelligent is aware of his or her emotions. That sounds strange? Are we not, by default, aware of our emotions? Not really. Sometimes we can easily brush away uncomfortable feelings without trying to understand or engage it. With that action, we will never be able to make sense of our emotions with a view to control and express it … or learn from it.

The Affiliate Marketer seeks customers for the products and services which he or she promotes. If done correctly, the marketing strategy employed will definitely require a lot of preparation, planning, execution and patience. During this process, no sudden success will be experienced. Get-rich-quick is a pipe dream for fools…

The Affiliate Marketer must be prepared for the waiting period until success is achieved. Many successful online entrepreneurs always relate how different (mostly negative!) emotions got a hold of them during their business journey. The Affiliate Marketer must be able to understand and act upon the emotional turmoil that they will experience.

Image that you have put in extremely hard work to build your website, write blog posts and put on all the bells and whistles. Just to login to your Google Analytics account and find …. zero visitors!

The way you deal with the feelings which will then flood your system, is crucial.

So, what are we saying? Affiliate Marketers must have a grip on emotional intelligence. It is important to perceive, reason with, understand and manage our emotions well in order to weather the storm of affiliate marketing challenges.

Affiliate Marketers must make a point of perceiving their emotions accurately. We must interpret our feelings correctly when faced with obstacles on our way to success.

If we know for sure that we are disappointed at the slow pace of progress, we can do something about it. However, if we would think that the feelings of disappointment are actually feelings of despondency, our reaction to the situation would be different.

We may give up too soon!

Emotions assist us with proper thinking and cognition. Through our emotions, we are actually prioritizing those experiences we pay attention and react to.

If something demands our attention, we would respond emotionally to it.

The trick for the Affiliate Marketer is to use his or her emotions to become resourceful in solving the challenge which presents itself.

Affiliate Marketers must be able to interpret the cause of their emotions and the impact that it may have on the health of the business venture. This is the right step in the direction of self-knowledge in order to develop business acumen.

Emotional management is the key part of emotional intelligence. The Affiliate Marketer who is able to regulate his or her emotions well and respond appropriately to it, is a good self-manager. Emotional management becomes important if the business owner seeks to achieve success against all odds.

The link between emotional intelligence and business has come under scrutiny since the 1990’s. This field of study has gained momentum and has even become an important subject for online business owners. This may explain why only 4% of Affiliate Marketers make it in this competitive arena.

The successful Affiliate Marketers have come to understand and manage the myriad of feelings which they encounter while building their businesses…

If you desire to build a successful Affiliate Marketing Business, I can help!

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