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How Can I Improve My Life, Increase My Money Supply
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In today's financial climate,"How can I improve my life with an increase of money supply" is the most though and spoken sentence people are saying and thinking. I mean things are getting more and more tough financially, our wages just don't seem to last any more, some have even lost their jobs, others have less to live on as their hours working have been cut back. So one can see the difficult position folk find themselves in today.

In this article I would like to tell you how you can increase wealth.

Ok, you ready, here goes:

  1. What are you good at? What skill do you possess, or what are you passion about, if you are passionate about something, guaranteed that there will be others that are to about the same thing.

  2. Now this skill or passion you have, you need to be able to share with other like minded people, why? Because I want to increase in money supply. How do I do this? You are asking at this moment, don't worry, I will get to that.

Lets take and example: My Passion is: World of WarCraft

The first thing I need to do is have a face book account. Then I open another face book fan page with

World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks as the title.

On this fan page I need to have not only my experiences and tips(whatever) for other fans to read but also some targeted advertising that if they buy I will be paid.

Now this form of advertising is called affiliate marketing advertisments, this simply means that someone else has gone to all the trouble of developing a product, you then advertise it and then get a healthy 60%+ portion of the cost.

Remember earlier I mentioned your “World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks” fan page, that you had placed useful content on? Now in the search bar on face book type in: (war of warcraft groups) just go through all the results and join these groups. As for you handle or name it must be: World of Warcraft Tips and Tricks.

You getting the picture? The people that are in those groups are called in marketing "target audience" out of interest some will go on to your fan page to find out more. This is called traffic. Now if you are getting traffic to your fan page, there will be a percentage that will buy your affiliate products so you will increase your wealth.

All the best.

Street Talk

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