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The internet has forced many companies to totally rethink the way they make money. Some companies have been forced out of business altogether. An ever growing number of others have found out how to make easy money in the aftermath. This article will show you just one of the free ways to make money on the internet that some have discovered due to these changes.

Just today, August 1, 2012, the US Post Office defaulted on a 5.5 billion dollar note owed to the Treasury. One contributing factor: not enough letter mail to generate needed revenues. The cause? The Internet and email. The folks who used to buy stamps and then drive to the post office to mail their letters are now sending emails and paying bills over the internet.

Fortune 500 companies that depended on TV advertising to reach their consumers have seen a sharp decline in the return on their dollars spent on media advertising. The reason: Once again, Internet and and another newcomer, TIVO.

The internet makes it as simple as pie to stream content with no commercials and TIVO let’s people skip commercials and just watch their movies or other choice of programming totally commercial free.

There are still other casualties of the Internet. When was the last time you bought a typewriter? How about film for your camera? How about a camera? Typewriters have been replaced by word processors based in the cloud on the internet.

Cameras now come installed in smart phones. From the phone you can send digital images to a drug store where you can get your paper prints if you want them.

Main stream cameras no longer use film, but have gone digital as well. Apple and Google are salivating over the used-to-be Kodak Company’s 1100 patents. The old Kodak we knew is no more as it tries to play the hand dealt by the Internet. The Internet has touched all these companies with varying degrees of impact, some good and some, not so good.

Someone always stands to profit when things take a downward, negative turn. It’s unfortunate for those negatively affected by the market changes, but it’s a gold mine for others who are well positioned and prepared to seize an opportunity. Some folks have discovered how to make easy money amidst all these changes.

Several Fortune 500 companies who have lost huge sums of money due to low returns on their outdated advertising methods are now paying everyday people, referred to as Internet Referral Agents, to advertise directly to that part of the market they lost. And they are doing it right in the middle of where that lost market has gone; the Internet.

It’s very cost effective for these large companies to let individual agents work from their homes, use their own equipment and office space, and launch their own advertising campaigns. The Fortune 500 companies reap the benefits with much less expenditure.

They are using the billions of dollars set aside for their old style advertising methods to pay their Internet Referral Agents some serious money. Just a fraction of those billions translates into some real money for these Agents.

A small number of folks all across the country are quietly making a very good living as Internet Referral Agents for these Fortune 500 companies. They simply post their ads where they know the public will read them and when a reader buys the product featured in that ad, the agent gets paid daily through PayPal.

Some forward thinking entrepreneurs have put together their own company to recruit Internet Referral Agents once they perceived the Internet's impact on how many companies have been forced to do business these days.

These entrepreneurs provide a free Agent signup process, and all the back office software for tracking all the activity of each agent at no cost. They share in the profits generated by the Internet Referral Agents. If ever there was such a thing as free ways to make money, this is about as close as it gets.

So in the end, the Fortune 500 companies have found a way to fight back and they are winning. The Internet Referral Agents have found out how to make easy money out of all the turmoil. And the entrepreneurs sponsoring the Agents are well paid as well.

With similar ingenuity, the Post Office, Kodak, Smith Corona, Royal, camera shops, and so many others can find their own safety net, and hopefully they will.

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