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How To Land Those Katy Carpet Cleaning Jobs
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Here it is, a small article on how we get those Katy carpet cleaning jobs.

Many fellow truck mount carpet cleaners have been asking us, "How do you get so many carpet cleaning jobs in Katy, TX?!" We have an answer for that, because anyone has the potential to go as far as they want in the carpet cleaning field if they try hard enough. But first let me ask you, are you marketing correctly?

Seo Marketing

This is the number one factor of course. You can have a nice truck mount, a nice van and an expensive wrap, but what good will that do if no one knows you exist? How is your website doing in the Google search engine? SEO is key to any successful business.

You want to show up high in the search results, and not pay a dime. It is very time consuming, but is it hands down the best way to get your carpet cleaning name out there and start accumulating more business than you can handle. So what can you do? One thing you can do is a hire a local SEO specialist team. The cost varies from company to company, but most can get you to #1 fairly quickly if you find the right one. Another thing you could do is ditch your old site if you do not have a WordPress site. This is not negotiable! If you want #1, start a WordPress site immediately and learn how to operate it. IT IS VERY SIMPLE TO USE!

Business Cards

Ok, so probably not exactly what you had in mind. You are probably thinking, "What can a simple business card do for a carpet cleaning company?" I can tell you from experience that a card can certainly do A LOT! When we get done with a Katy carpet cleaning job, we place business cards on the neighbors doors, or if they are present, we hand them out. This gives you and the potential client a personal connection. Talking to potential client always helps, but never over step the boundaries. Know when to say "That's my card if you need a quality carpet cleaner." Then wave goodbye.


Getting your website ranked up in the search engines can take time. Time is money. So what can you do?

PPC, or Pay Per Click is going to be the fastest (but most costly) way to accumulate business. Carpet cleaning Katy is a very competitive market with a search result of about 200,000. Bidding on clicks and getting your phone to ring is the idea here. So long as you can afford to pay for it.


Sites such as Craigslist are free ad sites and should be taken advantage of at every turn. The key is to create an attractive ad that people can trust. If you take time to make a great ad, people will take you more seriously and you can accumulate quite a bit of business. Try the Greensheet for the Katy area. Carpet cleaning ads for Katy are very competitive and can take some time to get any business from them.

Try it out

Give it a try! You might be surprised at how effective these methods can be.

Remember to get advice from your local SEO guys for help if you are stuck in a rut.

Knowing these methods work for one Katy carpet cleaning company might give you the confidence to make more business with little effort.

Street Talk


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  about 1 decade ago

I really enjoyed your article. I have made quite a bit of money using Craigslist in the past, and you are spot on with this information. Keep them coming!

  about 1 decade ago

Enjoyed the range of options you covered... Thanks

  about 1 decade ago
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