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I Hate My Boss
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I Hate My Boss

Some days on the job are unbearable. This may be due to what seems to be cruel and unusual punishment from your boss. Such days can make you lose sleep. You toss and turn all night and say, “Why me?” You might say for anyone in earshot, “I hate my boss!”

Such problems can arise when you are required to work extra hours or when you are denied extra hours. Perhaps you have to work the late shift or on the weekend. Maybe you are required to clean up the mess left by other workers or you are asked to do something that is not part of your job. You are not given the choice jobs. Instead they go to the boss’s son-in-law or that pretty new girl. You leave work screaming, I hate my boss. I really hate this crappy job.

Being criticized by your boss is suffocating. Being ignored by your boss is unbearable. Not receiving credit for a job well-done is heart breaking. I hate my boss!

When you are in such a situation, you want to get out from under the wing of your boss. You might try to transfer to another department. You may start looking for another job. You want a good boss, one that is fare, considerate and appreciative.

Have you looked in the mirror?

I know people who are not comfortable working for other people. They need to be on their own, working for themselves. Some say that if you work for yourself you are a slave to yourself. Some people can’t get along without a guarantee of a pension, health insurance and a paid vacation. Self-employed people have to provide these benefits for themselves.

How can a boss-hating, job-hating person get out of the rat race and work for her- or himself? One way is to work a part-time job that can bring you independence. You work at home, say on your computer or creating a product, until you are earning enough money to leave your regular job. When would that be? To me it would be when your earnings are equivalent to or more than the total of your salary and medical insurance cost and what the company is contributing to your retirement.

You realize that you will need to purchase medical insurance and that you will have to invest funds for your retirement. Your at home earnings must cover that. But when you quit your jobs, the hours you have available to work at home dramatically rise. It is not just the time at work but the time traveling, time and expense of servicing your automobile, time and expense of shopping for work clothes, even the time for shaving your face. You can see that you save time and money when you leave your job and that time can be used to increase your income.

Say that you are working part-time at home and you are making on the average $20.00 an hour. Your regular job pays $13.00 an hour. When you work an extra hour at home you will be making an extra $7.00 an hour. So when your at home rate exceeds your day job rate, you can quit your day job if you want to. Just make sure you understand the fluctuations of your part time job and the steadiness of your regular job.

My granddaughters have babies to take care of so they work at home. They crochet hats and baby items and such. My daughter-in-law makes jewelry. Each of these three sells their products on the Internet. I’m helping them to add other people’s products to their websites for extra income. Selling other people’s products in this way is called affiliate income and it is one way to make money from your computer at home or wherever you have access to a computer, even the computer at your library. Once you get established, you will not have to say, “I hate my boss.”

I am a member of a community of Internet Marketers who help each other to learn to earn online. I will be starting my fifth year in May, 2012. The training and tools there are fantastic. They host my sites for me, give me access to WordPress which lets me build a website in minutes, and I get the tutoring I need to succeed. We do keyword research that helps us drive traffic to our websites. We write articles like this one to help others find useful information.

We are free of any boss but ourselves or we are learning to be so lucky.

Fly Old Glory!

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