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Ideas For Work At Home Moms
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Finding a legitimate work at home job for stay at home moms is hard. It just is. As a mother of three children, I've spent countless hours, days and nights going through pages and pages of articles and content online. Not only are there a million pages of scams that specifically target moms looking for work, but a lot of it just isn't going to make you any real income. However, real income opportunities are what we're looking for! Let's talk about making money while staying at home.

There's a few ways that you can make money in order to stay at home and be with the kids. One of the obvious ones would be to take on another child or two in addition to your own. In other words, you'd be doing daycare in your home. Your going to be spending a lot of time with your children anyway, why not make a few extra dollars right? For some people this is a great opportunity, and for others it just isn't a great fit. Some people, despite having their own kids, just aren't too keen on others people's kids. There's also the legal aspect of watching other children in your home. Make sure to look up with your city/town the proper laws surrounding having your own daycare. Generally, you can be licenced or non-licenced, and there's a lot of differences in things that you can and cannot do with each. To decide if a home daycare is for you, it may be helpful to write a pros and cons list.

Do you have a talent, maybe you knit amazing hats, or design cute homemade cards? Having a creative side can be a great money maker for stay at home moms. There's been a general shift, especially among fellow moms, to support their fellow mommy friends by buying homemade goods. It doesn't even need to be local, most things can be easily shipped anywhere. I've come across great products handmade by fellow moms. (specifically knitted hats and scarfs) There's some great sites that you can use to sell your homemade goods too, including the popular Etsy. The only problem with selling your goods is that you generally need to be making a large amount of product in order to make a decent income, and even then it's usually not enough to quit your day job.

Selling other's people goods or services is also another way to make money online. Also known as affiliate marketing, your rewarded for every sale that you make. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money, because it's truly something that you can completely do online, generally at your own leisure. There's no need to keep inventory, worry about shipping costs or many of the other headaches that can come with business ownership at home. Of course, how hard you work, is going to directly correlate in how much success you can earn.

There's plenty of work at home jobs for moms out there, as well as scams. Always be wary of any business that offers you to make quick money overnight, for doing very little. Hard work is almost always needed (at least initially) in order to make yourself a decent income by staying at home. I hope my article has given you fellow moms something to think about, and where you can head, towards working at home.

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