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Legitimate Data Entry Jobs
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Data Entry Jobs?

Google the term ‘work at home data entry’ and you will see a total of 138,000,000 hits, at the time of writing. Now that’s a lot of websites! Who hasn’t at some time thought about working from home? No commuting, no boss, no weird and unpleasant work mates. Getting up late and working in your pyjamas at a time that suits you….. Okay, you don’t have any skills and you can’t be bothered to take the time and trouble of learning any, but you are fed up of your dead end job earning minimum wage. What can you do?

Money for Nothing

You click on one of the websites and wait with trembling and trepidation. The site opens. In big neon, capital letters,you see : WORK AT HOME DOING SIMPLE WORK AND MAKE $$$$$. Photos of happy, attractive, young and smiling people pepper the page, some are pointing at a lap top screen. They clearly live in a large home and a pool, boat or luxurious car blends into the background (delete as appropriate). Having said that, scammers are getting more subtle and it is just as likely that the website will have a slick professional look.

No Skills, no Problem

You scan through the sales pitch: ‘Suitable for stay at home moms, students, disabled persons and retired people. This is simple work that anyone can do. Can you write a couple of sentences? You will be paid $50 for every submission! Make $2,000 a day from the comfort of your home’. The reality of course is that no one will pay this amount of money for such simple work. In fact there are very few legitimate online data entry jobs, perhaps none, and if you are lucky enough to find a company which pays, at best, it will be no more than minimum wage.

Loads of Money

So how can you identify bogus work at home sites? First off the earnings involved are ridiculously high. You need to ask why anyone would pay these amounts for simple work. The online work environment is no different from any other job market. If a prospective employer is looking for workers they will want to hire the best recruits for the job. This means a recruitment process, where you submit a job application and undergo interview. If this doesn’t happen then there is no job.

In the final analysis the scammers are after your money and that means there is always a fee, often a one off. They may say that it is for administrative costs or just to ensure that you are a serious contender. It really doesn’t matter what the excuse is, no one should be asking you for money when offering you a job. In fact this is usually the only qualification. Don’t take any notice of any ‘money back guarantees’. They are not worth the paper they are not written on. It is highly unlikely that you would ever see your money again; after all, these people are scammers.

Not a Scam, but…..

There is a variant to online ‘data entry jobs’ which are not down right scams as such, but deserve to be mentioned here. These sites are setting you up as an online affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is a legitimate profession and many of the contributors to Street Articles earn money this way. The problem is that these sites don’t spell this out in the site’s promotional material. They are not offering you a job they are selling you information. But you wouldn’t guess this from the sales pitch on their website. This is not illegal but it is misleading. As many of you know, you don’t have to pay for this information; it is available free as are all the necessary tools to set yourself up as an affiliate marketer.

All that you do in your offline life to keep you safe from the unscrupulous should apply to what you do online, perhaps more so. Exercise sound judgement and common sense in all your dealings and never, ever, forget the Latin tag: caveat emptor.

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