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Limits And Balance
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Limits And Balance

In our day to day activities, we are always evaluating our actions against available resources. We have to resolve conflicts by limits of many varieties. There are the physical limits of time and space, the limits of available resources and hopefully our own self-imposed limits.

Physical Limits

We are all limited by available space such as the garage space for storing on hand inventory or the space limits of our houses for equipment storage, for the home based business. However, even if you are a free standing business with a large warehouse you will still have to conserve space in order to operate your business effectively. Space can also become a problem for the smallest of businesses. It is well known that an effective website, email or article for that matter must grab the readers attention quickly. For many with a home business in mind must consider the impact space will have on their overall experience. Too much space and the family suffers, too little and the business may not have the required space to succeed. A balance needs to be maintained and the given space optimized.

Time is a far more limiting factor that must be considered. There are deadlines which must be met but your time may have to be split between working on your business and keeping up a household or time spent with your full time job. In these cases, your time spent on the business will have to be optimized to get the best results. In my case, I have a full time job along with familial responsibilities to consider before working on my business. The threat is that you may spend too much time in one area but not enough on another. For instance, you may become so involved in your full time job that your family suffers or so much time with family that your business never gets a chance to get started. The key of course is balance.

Resource Limits

Limits in resources can be a more demanding boundary which cannot be easily overcome. Resources would anything used in the administration of your endeavor. These could include computers, furniture, office supplies, technical documentation and people. The one limiting factor that all of these resources have in common would be money. Without sufficient capital to invest, resources may not be sufficient to sustain your business but then again having the best computers, nicest furniture and the most well stocked office will not guaranteed success if these resources are not used in the most efficient manner. Limits on resources can also be a wonderful motivator.

Self-Imposed Limits

Along with external limits we also must impose our own limits. If we are not careful we can run through our resources and not have anything left to pay our rent, mortgage, electric bills, etc. So it becomes necessary to set limits on our spending and on our resource allocation. When you are starting a business, your desk may also have to be shared with your children for doing their homework. The table you use for your design work may also be your dinner table. By limiting the space you occupy and the time you spend on your business, you can limit the intrusion your business will have on your family life (you know, the time you spend with the other inhabitants in your home).

Even if you have a dedicated office, limits must be set on your time as well as money. A more pressing limit should be time spent on your business because those clothes won't wash themselves nor will plants feed themselves or pets or children for that matter. Self-imposed limits are by far the most controllable of those discussed here. The secret of course is intelligently allocating available resources and setting limits to help attain the necessary balance.


Limits are a fact of life that we all must honor. Whether these are physical limits or resource limits, we must learn to optimize our time, space and resources. If we are smart we will also learn to create self-imposed limits to give our personal life room to grow as well as our business endeavors. These limits help us maintain balance to achieve our primary goals.

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