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Octomom Earned Enough Money To Move
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Octomom Earned Enough Money to Move

I am glad to hear Octomom earned enough money to move. She is moving into a very large home, and she claims she made a lot of money through the adult entertainment industry. Of course, that kind of work generated a lot of negative publicity for her and her family. She finally bought a home. However, she paid a lot to move. She allegedly paid a large deposit and paid eight months' mortgage payments in advance. The new house will be in Palmdale, California, which is between Los Angeles and Bakersfield. The mortgage is high ($2,150.00 a month), so she will need to find a way to make those payments along with other bills. I hope she plans to settle down, because in the past she faced foreclosure. Staying in a nice place and being able to handle finances would go a long way with building self confidence. However, her choices for making money generate a lot of negative publicity.

Moving from place to place is hard on children. They have to get adjusted to new neighbors and figure out how to navigate themselves around the new place. If they go to public schools, it usually means changing schools. If that is the case, they would need to get adjusted to new classmates. If they stay in one place, they can get used to the new area and know their way around the city. That can also help with making friends if they find people who will play with them and accept them based on their merits and not judge them because of their mother.

I wish there was some way for her to make lots of money from home without having to collect money from welfare, get assistance through food stamps, and setting up a website to collect money to help her pay expenses. Many businesses claim they can make people a lot of money quickly. However, ideas for getting rich quickly can often backfire.

I saw a blog post about getting rich quickly, and the article discussed seven different ways to get rich quickly. One of the ideas he suggested for getting rich quickly was to blog, and at the end of his blog entry, he explained blogging was not a way to make money quickly. The blogger who wrote about went on to say some of the ideas were illegal. He also said something that makes people a lot of money one month doesn't mean every month that idea will reap the same financial reward. Sometimes, earnings may be smaller than during other months.

Octomom's quest to make lots of money through the adult entertainment industry is sad. While on one hand, I believe China goes overboard with restricting families to one child (and those families want sons). I think we need restrictions on how many children a single mother can have, because often single mothers have a hard time raising children.

On one hand, single mothers may want to work. However, if she has children with many medical problems or are not old enough for school, a lot of the money she earns at work goes toward daycare. I have heard daycare can cost $250.00 a week or more for the base price and additional fees. Single mothers with minimum wage jobs may only bring a little money home after paying for daycare, transportation, and clothing for work.

Octomom (also known as Nadya Suleman) has received a lot of negative publicity due to her involvement with the adult entertainment industry. Hopefully, her children will find sympathetic friends close to their ages to help them realize they did not cause their mom to go into the adult entertainment industry. She may have a good figure now. However, unless she has a back-up plan for making money in the future (she might not make as much with the adult industry when her body starts to sag), she might run low on funds again.

She may need to learn how to write scripts or produce movies with the same industry. Hopefully, she will decide to go to school and learn some kind of work she can do that would allow her to make enough money to keep her home and raise her children. She has a bachelor's degree in Child and Adolescent Development, and she has worked in the psychology field. Many of the high paying jobs are in management, and managers tend to work long hours (more than full-time). Also, many of these jobs require a medical or dental degree. She may have to do it part-time so she has time for her children. I hope she has enough self confidence to work toward getting a good job in the future.

The picture of Nadya Suleman, also known as Octomom, came from the Los Angeles Examiner.

Street Talk

Despite her struggles and the constant eyes of the world upon her, Nadya Suleman keeps picking herself up and doing her best to move forward. I hope she will find peace and stability for herself and her children.

  about 6 years ago

I hope she will be able to do it without doing things that cause a lot of negative publicity. I am sure the negative publicity would be hard on her children.

  about 6 years ago

What next!

  about 7 years ago

Hi Shawn, she has done some outrageous things in the past. I hope she will work on overcoming her addiction to Xanax and go to school so she can get the kind of jobs she needs to take care of her many children. Another option is to adopt out some of her children, and she doesn't seem to be interested in doing that.

  about 6 years ago
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