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Secrets Of Success
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This page is dedicated to all of you out there who are looking for the secrets of success.

  • Do you dream of waking up in the morning whenever you feel like it, and not to that annoying alarm clock?
  • Do you ever feel like there's just not enough time in a day to get things done?
  • Do you wish you could work in your PJ's, and not with some monopolizing boss towering over your shoulder?
  • How about spending more time with your family and your kids? You definitely want that, don't you?

I definitely do. But like so many of you know, life gets in the way, like it always does for everyone, and it's never as easy as you plan out. Your neverending to-do list grows (feed the family, pay the bills, send the kids to school), and you often find that you have to put your own wants and leisurely time on the back burner until the weekend--and even when the weekend arrives, you know that there's still a backlog of chores that need taking care of! I think we can all agree: time marches on, passing us by, and by the time we think we've gotten caught up, we fall behind again.

That is, unless you make the active choice to do something about it. Like so many of you, I've been looking tirelessly on the Internet for years for a way to get out of the "rat race"--to be my own boss, and more importantly, to take back my own time. I've seen all kinds of businesses out there--mulit-level marketing (or MLM, as many of you will recognize more easily), cash gifting, franchising, referral/network marketing, and mobile marketing, just to name some of the most prominent forms--and I'll admit I've even given in to their sales pitches and promises of infinite fortune, purchasing their products or lessons or whatever it was they were selling.

With eagerness to learn, abated breath, and unwavering hope, I learned the hard way that the "gurus" purporting to "teach" you their "secrets of success," and everything that they know, were really just good at convincing people that it was easy, when it really wasn't. Once you've bought into their program, you can't expect for their work to do your work for you. This may not be what you want to hear, but it's what you need to hear.

So when you're looking for the secrets of success, remember the following quote:

All the so-called "secrets of success" will not work unless you do. ~Author Unknown

This is true for any goals that you want to achieve, be it in life or online.

  • Nothing will be attained unless you make the conscious and dedicated effort to attain it.
  • You can't be afraid of failure, because at least you'll know that you tried.
  • And most importantly, remember that whatever doesn't work the first time is your lesson learned, your stepping stone that brings you closer to what you want.

Those, my dear friends, are just a few of the secrets of success. I hope you'll apply it to your own endeavors in life!

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