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Hello people and welcome to my article. This article is about my home business, transporterman . com

We are a man and van for Hire Company in London. We specialise in removals, house clearance and pickups and deliveries.

Today’s article is about a job that was done by one of our man and van drivers

The client we shall Bob wanted to remove his belonging from London to Scotland.

Bob went to our website transporterman . com and then contacted us, Bob said he had been let down by man and van company before so he wanted to meet the driver in person before he agreed to book the London to Scotland job with us. As we are a professional company eager to please our customers, we agreed. No problem.

The driver who I shall name Darren went to meet Bob. Bob asked Darren if he could look at the van and check it out; Darren agreed and opened up the van for bob to look at.

Bob liked Darren and his van and booked the job with us.

The journey would take at least 7 hours. On removal day Darren met Bob at the specified time and got ready to start loading Bobs belongings into the van, Bob then said the only thing I'm taking is the bed.

Darren was shocked by this; he couldn't believe was paying for a bed to be moved all that way, surly it would be cheaper to buy a new bed??

"Are you sure that’s all you want to take, I can fit loads more in the van"

“No, the bed is the only thing I'm taking with me"

The bed was loaded into the van and the journey begun.

Just as Darren started to drive the van Bob told Darren that he would rather they didn’t talk on the journey because Bob didn’t like talking to people he didn’t know.

"Ok" replied Darren, thinking this is weird, he is moving to Scotland all he wants to take is his bed and he doesn’t want to talk to me for the whole & hour journey.

The journey was long and tedious with the radio making the only noise in the van. The pre planned refreshment breaks were made.

They finally reach the destination, a nice quite road with nice houses and a park at the end of the street

Darren unloads the bed from the van and asks Bob to open the door of his new house so he could take the bed in.

"Oh, I've not got a house yet, that’s why I only brought the bed with me. Could you carry it into the park for me?"

Darren did this for Bob

"Are you sure about this? Why don't you book into a bed and breakfast or hotel? It’s cold out here"

"I couldn’t, I need the bed. My mum died in that bed 20 years ago and I’ve slept in it ever since, I’ll sleep in the park tonight and will go to the housing tomorrow.

Darren was not happy with this and tried to offer more help, he offered to take the bed to a storage place for Bob so the bed would be safe and he could sleep in a B&B until he gets his own place. Bob however was adamant he wanted to sleep in the bed.

Darren reluctantly left Bob and the bed and went to the B&B he had booked for himself for the night.

Darren work up early the next morning ready to begin his journey back to London, before he left he decided to drive past the park to check up on Bob. He drove past the park and saw the bed with Bob lying down asleep.

And there you have it folks, one of the many jobs Darren has done whilst working for transporterman . com but most definitely the weirdest.

Contact us if you require a man with a van for hire in the London and Essex area, our rates start from just �11 per hour.

Thank you for reading my article

Kerry Graham

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