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Why Authors Write Apocalyptic Fiction
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Why Authors Write Apocalyptic Fiction

What Sparks The Post Apocalyptic Books?

The post apocalyptic books have recently gotten a lot of attention, however predicting the end of the world is not a new thing. One of the oldest apocalyptic stories is the Noah's Ark tale. Some researchers believe that parts of the Noah's Ark story were in fact even derived from earlier works. It seems that many people have been inspired to speak or write about Doomsday from the ancient times. As they are today, ancient floods were most likely pretty awful occurrences. And because news didn't get spread around the way it does now, a flood which covered a vast area may have looked like it covered almost the whole world.

Modern fiction has also presented mankind with many pretty scary scenarios. Floods still hang in there as a possible way of ending the world as we know it. A gruesome zombie apocalypse has been a popular favorite for many years. Some stories speculate that the end of mankind could be brought about by beasts like vampires, other supernatural forces or demons. Some natural explanations include a change in the planet's rotation, meteor strikes and black holes. There are as many different and creative ways of dooming most of the mankind as there are writers and readers.

Why Readers Enjoy Post Apocalyptic Books

There are many forum posts and articles where novel lovers talk about the reasons why they enjoy post apocalyptic books. They are interesting to read.

Some people enjoy these gloomy novels because they give them a way of escaping the thought about their current state for awhile.

Some novels can warnings human beings about things that may happen if they stay on their present course. Some people find such speculative stories educational.

Most of the great ones also demonstrate the human spirit as characters rise above their situations. In this way, they can also be quite hopeful! This may seem quite ironic, but it is true.

Why Authors Write Post Apocalyptic Books

What inspire writers to write about the end of the world? The answer to the question varies as much with writers as it varies with readers.

Some authors are inspired by other novels in the genre. Such writers just want to expand upon a theme from a different angle.

Some writers decide to write about post apocalyptic books due to real-world experiences. Such writers have either been caught in a disaster area or involved in a war. Writing the book is a way of coming to terms with such experiences.

A few stories often come about because the writer wants to expand upon a night mare or dream.

Some authors want to hold up a mirror to the current issues in our society by writing post apocalyptic books about what could happen if the issues are not solved, or if they get worse.

All in all, let us not overlook the obvious. Some writers just want to entertain the readers while some readers just want to be entertained!

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