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Work From Home Business Selection Criteria
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Work From Home Business Selection Criteria

I have been trying opportunities of all sorts over the last 5 + years. I have paid hundreds up front and had to up to $147/month to stay enrolled. I then had to encourage people to do the same. However, in such a strained economy, there are so many that did not have the money. I came across many who had been laid off like me and were very hesitant to spend money on something they know nothing about. The first question was and still is “how much does this cost?”. It makes sense that people are looking for work at home opportunities that are free or very cheap.

When you are looking for that free or very inexpensive opportunity, I believe you need to ensure there are either are free tools associated with it. You do not want to join up and then find out that you need to pay for a website that is quite expensive. At the most, you should look to only pay $10/month for a site to be hosted in your name. Some opportunities actually charge you nothing for the site.

There are some people that have joined the more expensive opportunities and have found a way to help others join in as well. They may show you a way generate smaller amounts of income in a quick time frame, and then use that money to pay for the opportunity that pays higher than free systems. This way you are not out of any money and have two income streams. You may find someone who will even reward you with money for joining them and completing a few steps. The recruiter most likely is getting paid by a company and takes some of that profit to pay you. If the steps are free, then you got yourself some free money. You then can help others in the same manner.

You also want to ensure the training is also free. The training should provide you with free ways to market your opportunity and list some inexpensive paid methods as well. Note that you want your sponsor or owner to indicate what methods have worked successfully for them in the past. No use putting your time into free marketing methods that do not work.

Finally, if you join a work from opportunity, you now have your own business. The expenses you incur from this venture can be used to reduce your income tax owed. For example, printer, printer supplies, internet access, computer and at times a portion of your household utility expenses. This would have to be verified with your local tax advisor.

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