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How To Brew Beer At Home From Scratch
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How to Brew Beer at Home From Scratch

Home brewing beer is simple for the beginner, but with the acquisition of a few additional items, the quality of beer brewed at home can be dramatically improved. Here is of the simplest methods that describes how to brew beer at Home from Scratch.

Home brewing beer can be as simple or as complicated as would like it to be. With a few simple pieces of beer-making equipment, brewing beer at home is simple to do and can produce lovely beer. One time the novice home brewer is comfortable with the brewing method, there's a few pieces of additional equipment or supplies that can dramatically improve the quality of the final beer.

The largest danger for home brew quality is contamination of the wort by undesirable bacteria. There's several steps a home brewer can take to minimize contamination of the cooled wort.

Home Brewery Wort Chiller

One time the wort has been boiled, it's been sterilized of any undesirable bacteria. As the wort cools, it becomes more hospitable to any contaminating organisms which could lead to off flavors in the final beer. Chilling the wort in the brew pot in an ice bath is effective, but the time necessary to icy the wort to an appropriate yeast pitching temperature opens a massive contamination window. To reduce the chance for contamination, the wort must be cooled as quickly as feasible.


The solution to this issue is a simple tool called a wort chiller. There's several types of wort chillers available, usually counter-flow chillers, or immersion chillers, but the principle of each type is the same. Some type of cooling liquid is used to quickly icy the wort to pitching temperature. The simplest type of wort chiller is called an immersion chiller. A coil of copper tubing is placed in the wort in the work of the last 15 minutes of boiling to sterilize it. When boiling is complete, icy water is circulated through the tubing to quickly icy the wort. One time the wort has been transferred to the fermentation bucket, the immersion chiller is removed and cleaned with the brew pot.

Yeast Propagation for the Home Brewer

One time the wort has been transferred in to the fermentation bucket, the next opportunity for contamination is a slow yeast start. The yeast must quickly start to grow and replicate in the wort to "crowd out" undesirable organisms and to keep away from disagreeable flavors. Pitching a massive number of yeast cells is important. Yeast propagation is the practice of pitching yeast in to a small amount of wort a few days before home brewing to grow a bigger number of yeast cells for pitching in to the wort. A few days before brewing, boil two cups of water containing a few tablespoons of dry malt extract. Pour the extract and water mixture in to a sterilized beer bottle until it is half filled from the top. Sterilize the outside of the yeast package, open it, and pour the contents in to the beer bottle. Cover the beer bottle opening with a small piece of sterilized aluminum foil, or sterilized stopper and fermentation lock. Place the beer bottle in a warm location to permit the yeast to grow until it needs to be pitched in to the wort.

Aerating Equipment for Home Brewing

In order to give the yeast the best opportunity to grow quickly, the wort needs sufficient oxygen content. Shaking the fermentation bucket does an adequate job of aerating the wort, but aerating stones are a superior option for introducing oxygen in to the wort. Most home brew supply shops have aerating stones and small, in-line filters that can be connected to aquarium aerating pumps to aerate the wort. For those willing to spend a small more funds, small tanks can be bought and filled with pure oxygen from welding supply shops leading to the best feasible aeration of the wort and ensuring a speedy start of the brewer's yeast.

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