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Top 15 Types Of Ale
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Top 15 Types Of Ale

Most beers are either a lager or an ale. What makes an ale different from a lager is that it has a low alcohol content that lies between 2.5 to 6 percent. It is also brewed at warmer temperatures than other types of beer. Within the ale category, there are many types of ale. Typically, ales are smooth and sweet. Even so, each ale has its own characteristics making it distinctly unique.

And here they are… The Top 15 Types of Ale

1. Barley Wine - As the name suggests, barley wine is very close to being a wine. However, it actually is a beer. It is sweet, malty, and ranges in bitterness from medium to strong.

2. Belgian Pale Ale – A mild, light colored beer that is low in hops, flavor and aroma.

3. Belgian Witbier – These cloudy, white ales are pale with a spicy coriander, orange peel flavor.

4. Bitter Ales – A highly hopped, very bitter, British style of pale ale. It ranges from ordinary to extra special bitter (ESB).

5. Blonde and Golden Ales – Paler than a pale ale and is similar to a lager, but still considered an ale. It is light, dry, clear, crisp, and slightly fruity with a flora aroma.

6. Brown Ale – This full-bodied beer is red-brown beer is sweet and light on the hops.

7. English Pale Ale – A golden, coppery beer with an earthy, herbal flavor. Bitterness ranges from medium to high.

8. German Hefeweizen – Fruity beer with a clove, nutmeg, sometimes smoky, vanilla flavor. It is pale in color and is cloudy, which is normal.

9. Imperial Pale Ale – High alcohol content beer with intense hops, flavor and aroma. Color can be deep golden to amber.

10. India Pale Ale (IPA) – A pretty deep copper colored beer with a dry, bitter taste. Tastes fruity and has a high alcohol content.

11. Irish Red Ale – Amber colored ale with medium hop and flavor. This beer has a slightly sweet, caramel-like flavor.

12. Pale Ale – Dry, hoppy tasting beer that ranges from very mild to seriously bitter. Comes in shades of copper and amber.

13. Porter – This beer is extremely malty, dark, and even slightly sweet at times. It’s midway between bitter and mild.

14. Scottish Ale – A low hop, sweet, malty, rich beer that ranges in color from amber to dark brown.

15. Strong Ale – A strong, dark, dry, bitter, high alcohol beer.

Now that you are familiar with the different types of ale, get out there and try them. Brew pubs are popping up all over the place and they would love to share their knowledge, and their beer, with you. Better yet, try making a couple of these types of ale beer at home! If this is your first attempt at home brewing, there are many beer making kits that make home brewing easy.

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