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Healthy Living With Chocolate
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Healthy Living With Chocolate

Is it possible that such a thing as a healthy living with chocolate? From my humble experience I would say that chocolate is far from harm me, keep in mind that nibble on a chocolate almost every day. Maybe it is not yet time will show its effect, or just all this talk about how harmful chocolate really mumbo jumbo. Therefore I cannot be sure, but for now I think I'll continue to do so and to eat one chocolate almost every day we'll see what happens.


They say that chocolate is fattening - I really am a little rounded, but I'm not sure about the main culprit is just chocolate. I've heard also that it appears acne, but to be honest and I do not believe much. But I am sure that the cocoa lowers blood pressure, fights cancer, prevents diabetes, even affecting negatively the good of the nervous system and psyche.

You might ask how can I be sure?

Well I'll tell you - Have you ever seen a thin person eating chocolate ... And what about a teenager who does not have a pimple on the face ...

And the benefits of chocolate, I am a living example for them - I have low blood pressure in good shape and I am extremely calm - do you still not convinced?

Light and Dark Chocolate

Let us see then whether white or black chocolate will prove my theory. Some of you would say that they prefer white chocolate with the idea that it has no cocoa, and hence the price of the positive aspects of cocoa to avoid the negative. There may be some logic in this, or at least until the moment when you realize that the white chocolate is made from cocoa butter, which is almost the same as the ingredients like cocoa itself.

To tell you I think the only drawback of chocolate is that it contains a lot of calories in 100 grams of chocolate has nearly 500 calories, which can easily replace a whole meal in the day. But if it is consistent with your daily menu and not exceed your total daily calories, I think everyone would prefer to eat one chocolate, if not every day then every other day.

Those of you who want to increase the intake of cocoa without adding extra calories to your daily intake, you may consider to replace chocolate brown with black. To him the amount of cocoa is much more and is usually reflected in the packaging. In conclusion I can say that nothing prevents the chocolate is part of a healthy living without being overdone, of course.

Street Talk

Chocolate really is some good stuff! More of an occasional treat to me but maybe I`ll reconsider.

  about 9 years ago
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