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ONE Hundred Great Weight Loss Tips
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ONE Hundred Great Weight Loss Tips

1. Plan your food ahead of time.

2. Oatmeal in the morning are the best choice.

3. Foods that has healthy fats will keep you healthy

4. Skipping meals is not healthy

5. Try eating more nuts or walnuts or any kinda nuts it will keep you full longer.

6. Take medication that way it will help you to deal with stress.

7. Find better ways to cool your foods.

8. Get your grocery list ready when you go shopping.

9. Don’t confuse your thirst with hunger.

10. When going out try to stay away from breads and fats.

11. Tired of eating same old stuff try adding a twist to it like lemon zest.

12. You can also try new stuff just to break away from old same habits.

13.Try having healthy sex it will help you with the blood flow.

14. Try creating an emergency packs in case you get hungry.

15. Try red peppers or adding red peppers flacks to foods.

16. Slow down when you eat, taking it slow will fill you up much faster.

17. Try talking or holding a conversation when you are having a meal.

18. It is always healthy to take a walk before the meal.

19. When you exercise you will probably will choose more healthier foods.

20. Try sea foods its always healthy eating sea foods.

21.Can foods are always affordable way to save money.

22. Is your dishes or plates too big? Try smaller plates that way you can manage your portions.

23. A healthy dinner should be the size of your fist.

24. If you are following diet tips, try smaller plates kid’s size works the best.

25. Don’t eat snacks that come in the box or cartons or any kinda bags.

26. When you eat snakes out of box or bags you will eat more then the healthy portions are, the healthy portion is the size of your fist.

27. The best way to boost your metabolism is by drinking green tea or pineapple juice.

28. Get your sleep its very important getting your sleep every day.

29. Try 20 minutes of training about two or three times a week.

30. Decaf coffee is very good low calorie drink when you are having crazy cravings and great product for antioxidants

31. Eating products like smoothies and low sodium products like, soups can help you cut down on calories and keep you full.

32. Don’t be afraid trying new things.

33. For a healthy person 10.000 steps a day is healthy, so if you are not getting that many that means you are not moving fast through out the day.

34, Try applesauce it’s a very healthy choice.

35. Try to move around as much as possible even in the smaller space.

36. Studies show that active people tend to be much skinnier.

37. When temptation strikes imagine your self in a happy place.

38. Use a veggie dips such as avocado dips instead of fatty cream deeps.

39. People who keep track of their progress more likely to lose weight then the one that don’t keep track.

40. Use cinnamon instead of sugar when you have your fruits.

41. Use salsa instead of a cream sauce for better protein results.

42. Distracted is the source for many people they don’t realize how much calories they consume.

43. Try to stay away from pop, try something like pineapple juice or water.

44. Try to stay away from low sugar products or big numbers of sugar in the products or sodium.

45. Try low fat milk for breakfast.

46. Most overweight people that drink slim milk for breakfast most likely have low calories.

47. Gum with low sugar count is good for your appetite.

48. When you have snake attack, try fruits like apples or peaches.

49. Allot of people have a hard time starting a diet journey, first step is to buy walking shoes.

50. Most people would start it and wont follow the journey and its okay as long you get back on it.

51. Make sure you always have veggies with you.

52. One in the while check you fridge make sure you have veggies, like red peppers, green beans, carrots and et….

52. Try making soups with beans involved.

53. Plus you will save money on buying lean protein products.

54. When you are preparing a meal put your mind in to it.

55. Try not using your kitchen table for work or any other activities, because closer you are to the kitchen more likely you will eat something unhealthy.

56. Music tend to make you hungry so if you are listening to music try doing something else while you listening to music.

57. Try eating more lean products and less fats.

58. Think ahead on how you are going to workout or exercise.

59. If you want to be fit and healthy get rid of all the junk foods and clean up your pantry and your fridge.

60. Eat fruits and veggies that are fresh and up to season they will taste better and will have better calories then the frozen fruits and veggies.

61. Don’t miss out of breakfast because people that don’t eat breakfast usually have problems losing weight.

62. Try measuring your self often and keep up with your achievements and goals.

63. Try avoiding any foods that have more then 4 grams of sugar in it.

64. Try eating fruits or apples before the meal.

65. Avoid cream and cheese and instead or that have a peanut butter sandwich.

66. Remember smoothies should be your best friends, fruits are very good for you especially in the morning.

67. Researchers prove that people who eat eggs in the morning are less likely be hungry during the day.

68. If you eat salmon it will help you burn more fat faster then regular diets.

69. Try avoiding foods that have very high numbers of sodium in it.

70. Instead of eating regular noodles try whole wheat noddle’s it will fill you up faster and fuller.

71. When going out try ask your server for much healthier choices.

72. Don’t need to make your goal to be 100 pounds it totally okay to be little over that.

73. Try aiming for a dress size or waist number, not how many pounds to lose.

74. Try more lean veggies like beans or carrots.

75. Eat products that will give you energy like chili or pineapple.

76. Eat plain foods like yogurt before you exercise it will work as a booster for body and immune system.

77. Instead of having left over from last night try making a healthy sandwich.

78. Try mixing your fruits and make it very colorful and exiting.

79. When you are at work prepare your own snake plate and try not to be tempted by others.

80. And at work when you are tempted have small snakes and don’t gorge your self in bunch of random snakes.

81.Try something new like unsweetened thick and creamy yogurt.

81. Try products that are loaded with healthy protein and calcium and natural products it will make your snake tasty any time.

82. Cooked food in the microwave most likely not a healthy choice.

83. If you are going to microwave your foods. Try soy product chicken or veggie products burgers, steamer your veggies also try cooking rice.

84. If you have a goal try match to it, like your dress room and your style.

85. When you are exercising visualize that you are losing your weight.

86. When you are exercising start slowly and try little more weight, if you do get tired take a little break.

87. Drink some water and try doing it again, don’t give up that easy.

88. Try eating sushi it the best source for healthy diet.

89. Did you know that mustard is very healthy for you especially when you adding mustard to your diet.

90. Try staying away from the fridge after it hits 7 pm.

91. Most people that eat after 7 pm not likely following their diets and losing weight.

92. Try eating low calories foods and checking the lables on the pakages when you prepare meals.

93. Try adding fresh products in to your foods like herbs.

94. Try eating foods that have less salts in it.

95 When you are making a sandwich instead of using Mao try mustard and olive products. You can also cut up some olives and put them in the sandwich to make it more tasty and juicy.

96. Try losing weight with your partner that way you both can motivate each other.

97. Instead of having a desert have a salad and mixed it up a bit, that way it don’t get boring to you.

98. Try eating foods that have mushrooms in it.

99. At work if you need to go to a different floor try taking the steps instead of elevator.

100. Instead of having a bag of chips try eating an apple or a different kind of fruit.

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