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Carpets: From Installation To Disposal
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Carpets: From Installation to Disposal

Replacing a wall-to-wall carpet in your home is an exciting experience. Your home will get a new improved look, floors will be much cleaner and better looking that before. Surprisingly, this is big investment offers a bunch of other unsuspected benefits. For example, it's not all about good looks, because carpets act as an effective filter of allergens and bacteria in your home. It protects your family health and provides a relatively dust-free, clean air to breathe.

Carpets are not destined to keep their looks for long unless they are kept in the closet or behind a 10 mm thick showcase. Well, some expensive rugs might be... but I don't this is the case with wall-to-wall carpets which has to endure much wear and tear. Carpets are one of the most used items in a home. Foot traffic from residents, stains and hair and odour from pets are to be expected. However, don't despair! There are several things that you can do to extend the useful life and improve the look of your new carpet.

Follow this guide that will help you protect your carpet, from installation to disposal.

Implement Several Home Rules

Enforcing a few simple rules before you have your new carpet installed will make sure that you've it for longer.

1. No Shoe Policy – As a first measure you can ban shoes inside your home. Ask family members and guests alike to take their foot wear off before they enter inside. Tracked in dirt and mud plus other particles represents 70% of soiling your home gets each year. Normally dirt embeds in the carpet, causing it to look drab and aged.

2. Door Mats – Placed at all entrances serve as a wall to soil and dirt. It keeps dust and dirt outside your home.

3. Sweep kitchen and hallways – This will help you prevent dirt and soil already in your home find a way to your carpet.

4. Vacuum cleaning – The best thing you can do to prevent excessive dirt build up and fibre damage.

5. Shift furniture every six to eight months.

Cleaning Your Carpet

As we have already discussed in previous paragraphs, carpets are subjected to heavy foot traffic, dust and dirt. Moreover, buying a new carpet and installing it isn't cheap – quite on the contrary. Your bill can be astronomical if you're not careful. In order to protect your investment you can first start vacuum cleaning regularly. Once or twice a week in most cases is enough. Next, attend to stains immediately, don't let a minor spill become a large, permanent stain.

Last but not least, is annual deep carpet cleaning. You have to options. You can either hire a steam cleaner from your local store or call an expert cleaning provider. Whatever you choose, make sure that your carpet is protected at all times.

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