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Fast And Easy Hardwood Floor Cleaning
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Fast And Easy Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Mopping your home isn't a big deal. After all it's a simple menial work done in less than 20 minutes, provided that you have all the necessary tools and cleaning products. However, when it comes to cleaning your recently installed hardwood floor, it's a completely different matter. Hardwood floors are an excellent addition to a home as it makes your home look and feel more beautiful. Besides, hardwood like pine, teak or oak is insanely expensive. The material commands really high price and when you include installation and finish, you will have to spend a fortune to be able to enjoy it in your home.

Thus taking proper care is vital to protect and preserve your investment in home equity. What's more, once damage is done to such type of flooring, it's virtually irrevocable. Luckily, there are simple tips that can help you keep your expensive floors in neat and proper state. Moreover, using your household mop and bucket once in a while will not only help you have a sparkling clean floors, but will also help you shed a few extra pounds.

Several Simple Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips

1. Avoid subjecting your newly installed hardwood floor to constant mopping and cleaning. Otherwise, it might lose its appealing shine and beautiful colour. Follow strictly your carpenter's instructions or manufacturer's manual. In emergency situations like coffee or juice spills, absorb as much of the liquid as possible, use slightly damp mop to lift of the rest before you dry the surface with a cloth or paper towels.

2. Always seep or vacuum clean before you mop. Thus you will remove soil and debris that might scratch or otherwise damage the smooth, polished surface. In case mud finds its way remove and clean immediately or you risk it creating pores in the floor.

3. Using proper cleaning products and aids is essential. Use only certified and proven cleaners that won't cause damage to the finish. Most commercial cleaners contain harmful chemicals that will corrode top layers. Be careful not to over wet, too.

4. When you mop a hardwood floor use only slightly damp cloth or mop. Then go over it again with a dry one so moisture is absorbed quickly.

5. Once you're done mopping make sure no one walks over it for a while. Otherwise, footprints will be left on the surface.

Keeping your hardwood floors neat and clean will not only make your home more appealing to family and friends. It also makes great sense to take proper care for such a big investment in your home. If you want more ideas about giving your home a lasting makeover browse internet for more information.

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