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Barton Reading And Spelling Review
The Barton Reading and Spelling System is a multi-sensory program that was originally designed for adults who struggled with reading and spelling, often due to dyslexia. Then, Susan Barton, the author of this Orton Gillingham influenced curriculum, adapted the program to suit both adults and children. People who use the…
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Teach Your Child to Read With A Proven Program
Most parents send their children to school expecting they will learn to read and write. The brutal fact is that at least one child in five leaves school without developing the level of literacy skills to function in the modern world. There has been a great dealt of research done…
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EPS Vocabulary From Classical Roots Review
My oldest son is in sixth grade. We have taught him from a more than one vocabulary curriculum over the years. However, now that his reading is getting more complex- for fun, he is reading from the Lord of Rings Trilogy right now- I decided that it was a great…
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Vocabulary Workshop Review
My fourth and fifth graders use the Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop by Jerome Shostak. There is more than one series available. We choose the 2005-2006 version that has color levels. The 2011 series also has color levels. The colors are purple, green, orange, and blue for elementary grades 3-5 respectively. What…
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