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Property Your Home Staging Can Help Sell
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What is a home stager? What does a home stager do?

A home stager prepares your home, so it sells faster. A stager helps you get the price you want for your home, or condo.

Surveys conducted by real estate agents, confirm that home staging, reduces property time-on- the- market by one third to a half. Real estate surveys found a 10% to 15% increase, over asking price , acheived with home stager use.

Home Staging involves maximizing your home's best features. A beautiful fireplace, bay window, large backyard, eat-in kitchen, or large bathroom are made to look eye- catching, through repositioning. Sculptures, and mirrows are put in new places. Furniture arrangement, and new lighting is suggested The stager help choose modern window coverings. This brings more light into a room.

Most people like to move into a home that doesn't need a lot of fixing up. A home stager will tell you what buyers are concentrating on, besides ambience, when they evaluate your home.

Do the walls need a new shade of white paint? The stager will pick a shade of white, that looks inviting. They will decide, what is too much clutter, for a potencial buyer to see.

Buyers pay a lot of attention to kitchens and bathrooms. Stagers will emphasize that all rooms need to be spotless, but especially the kitchen and bathroom. These rooms need to sparkle when the buyer arrives for the viewing. Besides the sparkle, bathroom and kitchen should look spacious by limited furnishing.The buyer usually has some sort of positive or negative feeling about the property, when they park their car in your driveway. Work with the stager to create driveway appeal.

Often, the inside of the house will be sized up in 10 seconds by potencial buyers. Improve the odds of a good gut reaction by them. Proudly show off the home's great features made better by the stager.

Sometimes a real estate agent will contribute to home staging. If it's determined that staging needs to be done, the agent can set aside money, from the marketing budget for staging.

People will always need to buy homes. A growing family that needs bigger digs, couples who marry, people who must relocate because they lost their job, all need to look at new properties to live in.

Sellers position your private home, condo, or co-op in a competitive way for these buyers to view and buy. Think seriously about hiring a home stager to increase the property's allure. The fee they charge, is balanced against a faster sale for the house, and getting the price you want for the property.

Start your search for a home stager. Don't delay.

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