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How To Purchase A Horse - Youve Met Your Match
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How to Purchase A Horse - Youve Met Your Match

Should I Buy A Horse?

At this stage of the horse buying game, you’ve answered the question of whether or not you should buy a horse. You have also determined what type of horse you want based on your level of riding skill, what you can afford to pay, and what the horse will be used for; trail riding, western pleasure, gaming, etc.

Ground Work

Having considered and answered the above points, you may have considered horses for sale in newspaper ads, internet ads, through word-of-mouth, and auctions. Using a checklist or a handy notebook, you've found out all about the horse in every case. You then contacted sellers, asked questions - lots of questions - to obtain information on a horse in each case.

Discarding those horses not meeting your list of "needs and wants" you've gone to see each horse that is still a prospect. You've seen each one being ridden in all gaits, and you've ridden each horse as well. You've also brought along a trusted person who is knowledgeable about horses and who is a skilled rider.

Narrowing down your list of potential horses as you've gone along, you've made sure any horses not meeting your personal criteria were weeded out. This left you with a few, possibly only a couple, of horses to choose from. You have called in your equine vet and had those horses vet-checked. That perhaps narrowed it down to the final horse.

Mission: How to Buy a Horse - Completed.

Eureka! Your search has been successfully completed. You have found your equine match! Congratulations. You may have run into some disappointments along the way as this horse or that horse was almost perfect for you except for some key points you couldn't ignore. But the time and effort has paid off. Thank goodness you didn't sell yourself short and go for that horse you thought you really wanted. If you'd bought that horse you looked at last week, you would have never continued on with your search. The perfect horse you found later would have never been discovered.

Now comes the make-an-offer part of the process. Maybe the horse is already priced just right. Maybe you need to see if the seller will accept a down-payment with regular installments. Maybe the seller expects the entire amount paid at once. Whatever arrangements there are, make certain you get everything written down and you and the seller agree to everything. Get the details down on paper and make sure both you and the seller sign and date the purchase agreement.

Welcome Home

Before picking up your new riding buddy, make certain your horse's new home is safe and comfortable. Relocating to a new place is a stressful experience for horses. Even the most laid-back, well-broke and relaxed horses may experience some level of stress when being moved out of a familiar environment into a new one. Keep that in mind and let your new horse settle in for a day or so.

Once your horse has settled in and is enjoying his/her new home it's time for you to begin the adventure and enjoy your new found riding partner.

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