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My Horse And Rider Training Stories : Learning Horse Riding …a City Girl Who Loves Horses ! My Poor Parents
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Im not exactly sure what made me start learning horse riding … I know a family friend at school was learning riding and I was a massive animals lover so my parents took me along I must have been around 9.

I grew up in northern Sydney … basic brick house , mother a nurse father a mechanic … surrounded by more houses … not horses … def not a horsey family!

I must have asked for riding lesson because I remember the one conditions being that I would never get a horse! 1 hr a week had to be enough …even that would have stretched the budget.

I remember going with mum to my very first riding lesson … the riding school was leased paddocks she must have been on about 30 acres all basically fenced … old caravan for a tack room …no shelters or arena … insurance wasn’t an issues those days .. she didn’t live there… these days it is a industrial estate all high rise office blocks … how much cities grow and change in not much more than 20 years.

So we rocked up … me in my new helmet ( it was an ice hockey helmet … my parents really had no clue … I was forced to wear it for years) … knee deep I mud we waited and waited but she never showed … I was very disappointed … she forgot L

So the lesson was rescheduled and so began my love of riding … I must have gone to the riding school on and off for a couple of years … I don’t remember it being a regular thing but I went to a few riding camps .. ie 5 separate days over the school holidays with a ‘show’ at the end to show the parents what you learnt … not much really staying on an old school pony is certainly not learning to ride!

Im not sure why I stopped learning horse riding entirely .. I was maybe 11.. the woman I had been taught by had lost the use of the land and was on much smaller ground down the road which do I remember going too … this land was later used for a motorway!!

I started high school the following year and during my second year met some horsey girls … twins funnily enough … who had a horse !! wow !! a grey arab actually.. Grey arabs must signal a horsey change in my life!

Did I wanna come riding with them … did I ever!!! … they kept the horse out at a large trail riding est on 600 acres … and had bought him from the school … old and dead quiet . Though looking back I don’t think they had ever had a learner horse riding lesson in their life except for riding out with trail riding est … so really has no clue … compared to them I was an expert! Id been learning horse riding for years ! hmmm

I went out with them on a few occasions going out on rides with the trail riding school.

Then they come too school one day too tell me about this horse for sale … remember dads rule NO HORSE … but of course this horse was soooo cheap .. looking back I think he was 800 with all his gear a throughbred or standard I am not sure ….not that cheap .. So after much hasseling dad finally agreed to take me to see the horse … he later told me he had no intention of ever buying the horse !! I was only ever supposed to just be learning horse riding !!

But again fate played a hand … the owner of the horse borrowed another horse and took me out for a trail … what a disaster … remember I really cant ride except for a plodding school horse or warn out trail horse !!

I remember having no control esp stop and of course came off … scrapping myself up pretty bad a good 30mins walk back … as u can imagine I was pretty upset .. wont be buying that horse.

Not sure exactly what happened after this but I think my friends father contacted my dad and told him of a very quiet14hh 15yr old palomino mare that was being sold privately for 500.

But that was how I came to be the very proud owner of my very own horse “ Sandy” …learning horse riding and was on the agenda again …looking back she was the best first pony a parent could ask for and gave me no troubles and allowed me to learn how to actually ride … we were jumping 1.2m logs by the time I was ready to move on 12months later … happily she went back to the people we had bought her off whos transition onto another horse an arab had been a disaster and she was very happy to have sandy back !

I got my second horse after that and made the mistake a lot of horsey parents do … I got my first throughbred !!

Thanks heaps for reading my article for more of my stories of my adventures training and riding please keep an eye out .

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